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Selecting the Best Christian Dior Womens Handbags and Purses for Your Needs

Christian Dior was a French fashion designer who created apparel and accessories for men and women. The fashion company, now owned by Groupe Arnault, has some designs featured year after year, while others change with the season. New and secondhand Christian Dior womens handbags and purses are available on eBay for a variety of prices.

How many types of Christian Dior bags are available?

From everyday carry to evening wear, Christian Dior womens handbags and purses range from handbags with straps to clutch bags. They have mini Lady Dior bags in calfskin or lambskin, studded bags, embroidered bags that are designed with beads, purses with chains, and metallic purses. Each of the Christian Dior handbag and purse lines on eBay has its own unique look. Other purses and handbags put out by the brand include:

  • My Lady Dior
  • DiorAddict
  • Jadior
  • Diorama
  • Evening

As the Christian Dior handbags and purses on eBay come in a wide range of types, eBay helps categorize these types to help with your selection. These categories include:

  • Style: Options include backpack, clutch, crossbody, shoulder bag, or tote.
  • Material: The handbags and purses come in quite a few different types of materials. These include leather, canvas, patent leather, denim, snakeskin, satin, nylon, and faux leather.
  • Size: You can choose from mini, small, medium, or large bags.
  • Color: Colors vary widely too. There are colors like black, gray, pink, red, blue, and brown.
  • Condition: Options include new with tags, new without tags, new with some defects, and pre-owned. As new Christian Dior bags can be quite expensive, purchasing a pre-owned bag that is in good condition can save you money.
What are the specific features of Christian Dior handbags?
  • Liners: All Christian Dior handbag or purse liners should have a dark, nylon liner. Bags and purses from this brand should not have any monogram on them.
  • Serial number: All Christian Dior bags come with a unique serial number. There is also a two-step process to make sure the bag is authentic. A unique serial number is printed on the underside of the bags label. In addition to the serial number being printed on the tag, the date and point of purchase are also printed.
Can a strap be added to a Christian Dior bag?

Yes, if your Christian Dior designer bag is not made with a strap and youd like to add one, you can purchase a strap. Some options from Dior allow you to purchase a customized or personalized strap for your bag or purse. Different straps and styles are introduced every season so you can update or change your look as you please.

Where are Christian Dior handbags and purses made?

Almost all handbags and purses from this brand say Christian Dior Paris. However, all of the Dior companys products, especially their handbags and purses, are made in Italy. The tag on the inside of each evening bag, Lady Dior bag, or other Christian Dior accessory should say "Made in Italy."

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