Dickies Pantalones para hombres


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Dickies Pants for Men

Dickies offers a wide variety of men's work pants suited for several occasions and occupations. Dickies manufactures work pants for employees in a large number of different industries.

What styles of Dickies pants are available?

Dickies makes pants in a variety of styles, designs, and colors. These offer different fits as well as features. Here are a few styles to look for:

  • Cargo: Cargo pants are distinguished from other pants because of the number of pockets they have. Most of the Dickies cargo pants have traditional side pockets as well as oversized pockets above each knee.
  • Double Knee: Dickies double knee work pants have a reinforced knee in them, which means an extra layer of fabric.
  • Five-Pocket: Along with the regular two front and two back pockets, the five-pocket design has an added pocket on the front of the pants.
  • Insulated: Insulated pants have an extra layer of fabric in them, such as a flannel lining.
  • Utility: Utility work pants comprise a variety of styles meant for functional use, such as painter pants, multi-use pants, and cargo pants.
What fits are available for Dickies work pants?

Dickies pants come in multiple fits, including relaxed, which has a slightly loose fit; loose, which has an even looser design, and regular, which is a traditional work pants fit. Other fit styles include skinny and slim. These are straight leg pants styles and have a tighter fit than other options.

What materials are used to make the pants?

Some of the materials used to make these pants include cotton, cotton blend, denim, duck canvas, polyester blend, ripstop, and twill.

What are the different colors and sizes available?

Most of the inseam sizes offered range from 29 to 36 inches, with the waist ranging from size 30 to 54. Some of the different size types offered include regular, big and tall, and a slim fit.

Aside from straight leg, Dickies also offers a skinny and slim taper fit. Some of the colors offered include beige, black, blue, brown, gray, green, red and white. The painter pants are offered in white, and the original work pants are available in white, khaki, black, and a few other colors.

What are some features of Dickies pants?

Dickies pants offer a variety of features. These include the ability to wash the pants in an industrial washing machine, flexible fabric, added pockets for tools or other implements, and wrinkle-resistant designs.