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Perks of Adding a Shirt Dress To Your Wardrobe

This versatile shirt and dress combination can be worn throughout all seasons. The Diane von Furstenberg collection incorporates a wide range of options for work, home, and formal events. When choosing a dress for you, consider material, your body type and preferred dress size, and of course, color and pattern.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Shirt Dress?

Each item of a wardrobe should reflect its cost in usability, lifespan, and price. Diane von Furstenberg dresses come in the full range of fashion styles and sizes.

  • Versatility: Appropriate for both work or play in all sizes, choose a collared option for the office or a low v-neck when heading out. With both short and long-sleeved options, women can wear this item all-year around. They also come in a range of fabrics such as silk, crepe, chiffon, or lace.
  • Great in All Sizes: Due to its naturally flowing blouse shape, these dresses work well in all sizes, providing a sense of femininity while remaining comfortable and classic. See the manufacturer site for size details.
  • Unique Options: Though it can be dressed up for work, fun unique options of the shirtdress speak to a wider range of styles. These include the one-shoulder dress look, floral prints, and those with accents such as sequined fabric and colorful buttons.

When Can I Wear a Shirt Dress?

These dresses come in handy when looking to build a simple wardrobe with only a few interchangeable items.

  • At the Office: Silk varieties, both long and short-sleeved, are appropriate in the office. Their blouse-like quality gives a corporate appearance while staying person to your style.
  • Summer Outings: Known for their comfortable, non-form fitting size, these dresses make a great option for hotter summer days, especially when choosing breathable fabrics.
  • Casual Weddings and Showers: When paired with the proper accessories, shirt dresses can be worn in less formal celebrations. Pep up the look by choosing a stunning silk or lace option, or go for the maxi-dress look during summer wedding season.

How Can I Accessorize Shirt Dresses?

One of the greatest benefits of these simple items is the options for personalization in shoes and accessories.

  • Pair with Leggings: Especially in the winter and fall, add a pair of black or patterned leggings beneath a shirt mini-dress. Pair with boots to complete a look of balance.
  • Statement Jewelry: Play with necklaces of all sizes. The simplicity of the dress allows for more freedom when pairing with a unique item of jewelry.
  • Belts: Particularly helpful to control the blouse-like size of the dress, belts add a discernible waistline while adding a pop of color at the same time. If your dress is on the simpler side, consider a fun floral belt, or play with the size and thickness of the belt itself.

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