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David Yurman Fine Rings

David Yurman Fine Rings

Since 1980, David Yurman has shared his jewelry with the world, especially his ring collections. These rings are made of a variety of gems and metals.

What types of David Yurman rings are available?
  • Many David Yurman rings feature multiple bands twisted into cables. Sometimes they are joined by an X or two that is studded with small diamonds.
  • Other multiple rings are cross-overs, which means the metal braids together in an specific way. The metal can be thick, knotted, or woven together.
  • Other rings by David Yurman are cocktail-style jewelry. These rings have large central stones.
  • >Simple bands are also available, as are cigar bands. These large rings are thicker at the top and narrower at the bottom.
  • Infinity rings are on offer, as well as Wheaton rings. These rings are made of three separated cables attached to a large central jewel in a prong setting. Pavé jewels bracket the main stone.
  • Albion rings have two cables attached to a large central jewel in a collet setting while continuance rings are made of smooth and cabled metals that twine around each other.
  • Other rings to consider include cushion on point. These have a large, central, cushion-cut gem held by prongs decorated with tiny diamonds.
  • Confetti rings are four-cable pieces that have chips of gemstones in collet settings attached to the cables.
  • Pavé diamond rings have a field of tiny, pavé diamonds instead of a large, central stone. Sculpted types taper toward the bottom but have grooves that resemble scallop shells, and metro types are heavy rings which have gems burnished into a smooth area of the cable.
What are the gems used by David Yurman?

The stones used by David Yurman are varied and include blue topaz and white topaz; Morganite, which is a type of pink or purple beryl; diamonds and emeralds; and a gem called prasiolite, a green or yellow-green gem made from irradiated amethyst. There is also black onyx and chalcedony, a type of quartz that comes in an array of colors. Pearls and mother of pearl, two of the few gems that come from living beings, are available.

David Yurmans jewelry can also contain quartz, which comes in a rainbow of colors, and black orchid, which is an amethyst with a hematite backing. Lapis lazuli is a rock made up of blue minerals that was often used to produce ultramarine paint, and iolite -- also called water sapphire -- can appear blue when viewed one way and yellow when viewed another way. You can even buy polished and faceted meteorite.

What are David Yurman’s rings made of?

They are made of the following metals:

  • Sterling silver
  • 18 karat yellow gold, which is used for jewelry because it has been alloyed with copper that both strengthens the gold and allows it to have the bright yellow sheen associated with gold. David Yurman also uses rose gold for rings. Rose gold is also gold alloyed with copper but can have a redder hue than yellow gold, and can appear pink.
  • Titanium, a silvery metal thats used for airplane parts but also for jewelry. Titanium can be made to appear almost any color in an alloy.
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