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Everything You Need to Know About Sterling 827 Dash Parts

The Sterling 827 is a vehicle produced by Sterling with a variety of accessories for its dash. These dash accessories are heavily focused on the stereo of the Sterling 827 though there are many others available as well. Understanding these items will be helpful when choosing the most appropriate types and prices for your needs.

What dash fitments are available for these parts?

There are two types of kits available for this Sterling model and its interior parts:

  • Direct replacement: Typically, the most common is a direct replacement kit. These interior items are manufactured the same way as the original parts and produce the same benefits.
  • Performance parts: Performance parts, however, are usually customized to specific models and are tweaked to improve their efficiency. For example, a performance kit may include multiple switch types, accessories, lights, and knobs that make your interior easier to operate.
Which types of colors are available?

Most of these dash parts are available in one of three different colors:

  • Black: Black is likely the most common color that may find.
  • Blue: Blue is another choice for those who want a brighter look inside their Sterling.
  • Gray: Gray dash parts provide the same benefits as these other items while producing a cool tone for the vehicle.
How many features are available for these dash accessories?

When buying these items for your car dash, there are several important considerations you need to make. The year of the car is critical as is the type of car dash parts that are available. Thankfully, your car should have several different varieties from which you can choose, including the following types:

  • Multiple switch: Whether you like twist knobs or rising switch types, there are several varieties of switches from which you can choose.
  • Automatic lights: These items make it easier to lighten your car when you open the door, and it keeps it well-lit while you drive.
  • Fuel gauges: The fuel gauge of your Sterling will vary depending on your model year. The light will come on when you are low on fuel and provide you with a warning before you run out.
  • Bluetooth compatibility: Some radios on the Sterling (depending on the year) will have Bluetooth control systems that you can use to control your radio, phone, and other types of elements of your car.
  • Speakers: Add new speakers to your car to improve your audio. You can add these speakers to either your dash or add parts throughout other areas of your car.
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