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DENSO Car and Truck Blower Motors

Keep things cool in the summer and warm in the winter with a Denso blower motor. Denso car and truck blower motors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and power ratings that fit vehicles of all types. Blower motors perform important roles in the heating system, and keeping them fit and trim is good for comfort and better engine operation.

What are some Denso blower motor accessories you may need?

Denso blowers may not take up much space, but they provide your vehicles HVAC system with plenty of power. Denso blower motors come in many varieties and for different vehicles, but they all have certain things in common. Some of the parts are listed here:

  • Relays: The members of the electrical system family pass on instructions from switches and other voltages sources. Long-lasting, they nevertheless need occasional replacement or upgrades.
  • Motors: Blower motors use either AC or DC electrical current for power.
  • Housing: This component covers, protects, and supports the internal parts of blower motors.
  • Resistors: Many types of automotive heating systems use resistor-based controls.
  • Controllers: Non-resistor base systems often pair computerized controllers with magnetic fields to manipulate motor mechanics.
  • Connectors: Denso blowers use wiring harnesses and schemes unique to each vehicle and situation. As such, it is important for you to make note of identifying details such as part number, car make, and model before selecting your replacements.
What kinds of Denso car and truck motors are available?

Denso makes a wide variety of blower motor power drives. A solid percentage of them use brush-type motors as their power sources. Brush-type motors use permanent magnets and electric current to produce electromotive motion. This rotation moves an internal shaft that then turns the fan blades.

Brush-type motors use specialized heating-system resistors to control voltage flows. Several resistors running in series reduce the most current and place the fan at low speed. When only a single resistor is engaged, more current flows and fan speeds increase. Thus, if you have a brush-type motor and you notice too much or too little air-flow, you may need to replace your blower motor resistors.

What kinds of fan blades do Denso blowers use?

Blower motors need to create steady streams of high-pressure air. To do so, they enlist the aid of centrifugal fans. Centrifugal fan designs accelerate and pressurize streams of air. The motor housing and various hoses can focus and concentrate this airflow yet further.

How can you tell if you need upgrades or changes?

This depends on many factors that include your specific vehicle type and the specific part involved. That said, blower motor system parts that need repair often exhibit certain symptoms, including the following:

  • Vibrations: Most motors use internal bearings, and if they require repair or replacement, you may notice unusual vibrations coming from the blower housing.
  • Blown fuses: If you have blower fuses that repeatedly fail, this may indicate an underlying electrical wiring issue.
  • Weak or nonexistent air: Moving air is one of the blower motors main tasks, so if you notice weak or missing air-flow from your blower-unit, an inspection is in order.