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Your Essential Guide to DC Shoes For Men

DC Shoes For Men

DC shoes are skateboard sneakers. Although DC shoes come in a variety of styles that fit several athletic activities, skateboarding is where they are most popular. Because of that, DC Shoes has expanded into other sports as well. Some of their shoes even work well as general cross-training sneakers. If you are thinking about buying a new pair of shoes, here is your essential guide to DC shoes for men.

What is the history of DC Shoes?

While DC's origins started even earlier with t-shirts and other apparel, the DC Shoes company formed in the mid-90s. It was formed by several extreme sports professionals, including both snowboarders and skateboarders and was originally called Droors Clothing Shoes. DC Shoes was one of the first skateboarding companies to extensively utilize professional endorsements. While celebrity endorsements were already common practice for athletic shoes geared towards more mainstream sports, it wasn't widely practiced in the skateboarding world until DC Shoes.

DC Blue Shoes For Men

What are DC Shoes made of?

Most DC men's skate shoes are made from either reinforced canvas or suede. On top of this, DC shoes double stitching and general construction make for a sturdy shoe that won't fall apart quickly. The first thing to break is just the shoelace after repetitive rubbing on the top of the skateboard deck. Luckily, buying a replacement set of shoelaces is much cheaper than a new pair of shoes.

DC White Shoes For Men

What features are common with DC Shoes?

DC shoes come in a wide variety of styles and are made from different types of materials. Most commonly they are made from suede and reinforced canvas.

The majority of DC shoes tend to be bulkier with heavier padding on the side and top of the foot for added comfort in board sports. Some DC skate shoes are high tops. While not as common, there are some slip-on variations like DC villain shoes. Some other variations have shoes with air pockets in the heel for extra cushioning. DC's classic leather skate shoes are still the flagship product in their lineup.

DC Green Shoes For Men

How do DC Shoes compare to other similar sneakers?

DC Shoes outperform and outlast cross trainers and other athletic shoes, and are comparable to other skateboarding shoes on the market. However, DC shoes tend to have more cushioning on top of the shoe and have a bulkier, more fashionable appearance.

DC Red Shoes For Men

Are DC Shoes fashionable?

The bulky look of several of their shoe varieties can be worn with jeans in the same way that large basketball shoes are worn with casual streetwear. Because of the bold, monotone coloring and subtle branding of several versions of DC shoes, they blend well with manyb outfit styles.

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