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DC Shoes Athletic Shoes for Men

DC Shoes started as a skate shoe company and branched out into other areas. They have a wide range of skate shoes, which you can wear at the skate park or for other leisure activities. DC Shoes athletic shoes for men, including sneakers and boots, are also available for everyday wear.

What are the skateboard shoes like?

When you're riding on a skateboard, you need something with durable material and a sole that can grip onto your deck. DC Shoes skate shoes usually have a low ankle so you can bend and flex as much as you need to. The Evan Smith Hi Zero High Top shoes are the exception. All of the DC Shoes have the company logo printed on them on the side, tongue, back, or on a small tag. They have a hip, casual look.

  • Uppers: The top part of the skate shoes will be canvas, suede, or leather. Most of the shoes in the line are available in solid colors like blue, black, gray, and tan.
  • Laces: Some DC Shoes like Wes Kremer 2s are slip-on with short laces for extra stability. Most of the other models from DC Shoes like the New Jack S have longer laces.
  • Sole: This style of footwear typically has vulcanized rubber soles or polyurethane soles to help with grip and stability. The soles can be white, black, or tan.
  • Toes: Since it takes a while for skaters to adapt to tricks, the toe area in a shoe can take some hits. Some of the Evan Smith models have rubber toe hats to absorb stress.
What types of men's sneakers are there?

There's a bit of overlap between DC Shoes sneakers and skate shoes, especially when you look at the Trase TX, the Astor, and the Pure SE lines. Many of the sneakers have more bulk to them. The Heathrow shoes, for example, have an OrthoLite footbed cushioning, a Unilite midsole, a bootie construction, and a crystal rubber outsole. A few other examples are:

  • Men's Net Shoes: These have a pill pattern tread, a large DC Shoes logo, a foam padded collar and tongue, and a cup sole construction.
  • Men's Court Graffik: Making a bolder statement with a larger DC Shoes logo, these Court Graffik shoes are bright and a bit chunkier than the Nets.
  • Midway SN: These have a feel more akin to running shoes, with an EVA midsole and outsole and an OrthoLite footbed.
What lines of men's footwear do DC Shoes have?

When the weather turns chilly, you may welcome the protection of a warm pair of DC Shoes boots. These shoes are suitable for hiking or doing anything outdoors. Some of the versions, such as the Torsteins or Evan Smiths, look just like the men's sneakers or skate shoes with extra ankle protection. DC Shoes Travis boots have steel-toe construction, heavy-duty leather, and thermal lining. Their Woodland boots, with leather construction, sherpa lining, and a water-resistant coating, were made for the winter. DC Shoes SPT Mountain Work boots feature steel-toe construction and Vibram IceTrek outsoles to give them strength and stability.