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Cylinder Heads and Parts for Honda Passport

A cylinder head allows fuel and air to have room inside of the cylinder as exhaust gases flow out. Honda Passport cylinder heads and parts come in various models and sizes to suit the year of the vehicle theyre intended for. The extensive selection of Honda Passport cylinder heads can get you back on track with operating your vehicle.

What do exhaust valves do in a Honda Passport?

There are two types of valves in a Honda Passport engine: exhaust valves and intake valves. These parts control the air flowing in and out of the engine. Since the amount of air entering and leaving an engine affects its performance, regularly replacing these parts may be necessary to keep your automobile operating effectively.

What does a cylinder head plug do in an engine?

The cylinder head may be known by other names, such as welch plug, core plug, or sealing discs, but the purpose it serves is the same regardless of what its called. A head plug seals holes that were purposefully left in the block and head of an engine when it was manufactured. These parts also serve as safeguards against the pressure of expanding coolant if the Honda engine freezes or overheats.

How do you install a new Honda Passport cylinder head?

Replacing the cylinder head of your Passport may require shop tools, some specialty parts, and intermediate automotive know-how. You may want to consider consulting the model-specific service manual for instructions before beginning the installation process. Assuming the old head part has already been removed, the first step is to make sure all engine block surfaces are clean, level, and straight. After installing a new gasket, carefully fit the new cylinder head into place. Then, hand-tighten and torque all bolts and fasteners and connect the intake manifold and power-steering-pump bracket. Install the replacement valve-cover gasket, and bolt the valve cover into place. Finally, install spark plugs, reconnect the ignition wire, and reconnect the throttle cable to complete the head installation.

When do Honda cylinder head bolts need to be replaced?

The special bolts that secure the cylinder heads may need to be replaced when maintenance is performed on this part. These fasteners stretch over time and reusing old bolts may affect the vehicle’s performance.

What are the signs of a blown head gasket?

Before replacing this complicated component, consider double checking the head gasket for any signs of wear or damage. Signs that a driver might need a new head gasket include:

  • Coolant in the oil compartment
  • Coolant on top of a spark plug
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