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Craft Wall Décor & Tatouage

Design almost any look on any home wall with wall decor and tatouage. High-resolution dry rub transfer tatouage designs enable detailed images and even photo reproductions to be transferred to walls without paint, stencils, or glue. Transfer letters or select craft paper and art textures for unusual and personalized wall murals.

What wall transfer ideas can fit into living room decor?

Find DIY projects for wall art in living or dining rooms that use rustic or realistic transfers. In addition to complete tatouage images of windows overlooking exotic destinations, design interesting art textures and colors with wall decals, patterns, and stencil crafts. Finding a wall mural transfer of a peaceful garden or art image could be a decorating coup for your living room wall.

What children's DIY wall mural ideas work with tatouage?

A children's room is a great place to mix rustic, underwater, animal print, or favorite sports wall murals with personalized names, letters, and inspirational messages. Use decal crafts to put sports players, equipment, or place animals in a decal jungle in a child's room. Combine paint crafts for art wall ideas and add a fabric hanging to create a Pinterest-worthy environment for a child's hideaway.

Can kitchen wall art made with crafts be durable?

Putting vinyl transfers or tatouage in a kitchen with cooking fumes and heat could seem like a recipe for art that is a short-lived wall mural. Some crafts and art tutorials show how to accomplish durable wall art that will resist heat. Use durable and washable decals for long-lasting wall art in cooking areas. Apply and remove wall stickers easily and decorate with confidence.

Are there holiday wall decor stickers and transfers?

Find decorative dry rub transfers and craft ideas for DIY wall art for holidays during every month of the year. Removable decorative wall stickers can be used more than once. Apply transfer or stencil crafts to walls, floors, and ceilings for holiday border effects. Create a holiday mural design with paint, transfer decals, and colorful wall art.

Can wall murals decorate large and small rooms?

An art mural is often associated with a large wall or room space, but small rooms can benefit from crafts that create realistic or patterned modern images. A small wall space might be perfect for stencil crafts or a welcome sign, while a large wall can be filled with transfers of a beach, sunset, or jungle view. Combine crafts and inspiration for a view unique to small or larger rooms.

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