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Car Covers for Toyota Highlander

One way to ensure a vehicle remains clean, scratch free, and protected from the elements is through purchasing a quality car cover. There are many different options on the market, so it is essential to know about the different features when selecting a new car cover for your Toyota Highlander. It is also important to know how to put a cover on and take one off.

What does a Toyota Highlander cover do?

A car cover can protect your vehicles interior and exterior from the suns rays. It also can resist dust and scratches, maintaining the paint on your Toyota Highlander. Additionally, car covers protect your car from tree sap and bird droppings. They also keep the interior cooler in the summer.

What materials and colors are Toyota car covers made of?

Toyota Highlander car covers are made from a variety of materials and colors. The colors include black, gray, brown, tan, blue, silver, and custom designs. The materials include cloth, fleece or sheepskin, plastic, polyester, PU leather, vinyl, and polypropylene, which is water-resistant.

How do you select the right Toyota Highlander car cover?

First, determine how often you will be using the vehicle, the cover, and whether it will be stored indoors or outdoors. If the Toyota Highlander will be used daily and stored in a garage, it will be beneficial to purchase a lightweight cover. Lightweight covers are easier and faster to put on and take off.

What are some different features of car covers?

  • Water-resistant: A good cover should be water-resistant but still able to breathe and allow moisture and condensation to release through the cover.
  • UV Resistance: If the car will be left outdoors, it is important to purchase a UV-resistant cover. A UV-resistant cover will be able to last long and prevents the sun from fading the paint on your Highlander.
  • An elastic or grommet hem: While an elastic hem is stretchable and a grommet hem snaps into place, they both can ensure a snug fit on the vehicle.

How do you put on and remove Toyota car covers?

  • Most covers will have a tag labeled “front” to identify the front and back of the cover.
  • Once you have determined the front of the cover, tuck this edge over the front of your bumper. Pull the rest of the cover over the top of the car as if you are placing a sheet on a bed.
  • If the cover has mirror pockets, be sure to tuck the mirrors in before wrapping the entire car.
  • Tuck the remaining side in place and ensure that there is a snug fit.
  • The cover can now be removed in the reverse fashion that you put the cover on.