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Jeep CJ7 Car Covers

Jeep CJ7 car covers are designed to be placed over your car when you are not driving it in order to protect it from the elements. These car covers are available as either windshield covers or full car covers that drape over the entirety of your vehicle. These covers are manufactured by a large number of brands that include Coverking, OxGord, Smittybilt, and Rugged Ridge.

Which materials are Jeep CJ7 car covers made from?

These car covers are available in a variety of materials, from polypropylene to vinyl.

  • Polypropylene: This is a common type of thin and flexible fabric that can be molded into an array of different shapes and is 100% waterproof as it wicks all moisture away. It is also resistant to bacteria and mold and can hold up to high temperatures.
  • Vinyl: This a durable material that is used primarily for extreme weather situations due to the many coatings it consists of. It can protect the interiors of your vehicle from the sun and is completely resistant to water and wear and tear.
  • Polyester: This is a synthetic fiber that is flexible and will hold its form as it resists wrinkling and shrinking. It also dries quickly after getting wet.
Which colors do Jeep car covers come in?

Jeep car covers are available in numerous color options, primarily those of black and gray. Some of the additional color options that you can choose from include silver, white, tan, green, red, orange, clear, and blue.

What features are available with Jeep car covers?

These car covers can come with a wide range of features, depending on the exact model that you select. Some of them are built with door flaps that allow you to get inside the vehicle without needing to remove the entirety of it while others are built with an antenna patch that will accommodate any antenna that you have attached to your Jeep CJ-7. Some additional features available with these car covers include 100% waterproof materials that provide protection from rain and snow as well as non-abrasive lining that will keep your paint from being scratched.

What is a car cover with a universal fit?

When you are searching for the right car cover, you may notice that some of them are available as a universal fit. When a product has been marked as a universal fit, this means that it can be placed on any Jeep CJ7 model, no matter which model year it was released in. This will help you avoid compatibility issues.

What is a Jeep cabin cover?

This is a type of cover that is designed specifically to be placed over the cabin of your Jeep CJ7 vehicle. These covers are crafted with durability in mind and begin at the windshield of the car before being tied down with a series of loops and straps at the rear of the CJ7 vehicle. These specific covers can also be outfitted with door flaps.