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Dodge Dart Car Covers

Car covers protect your vehicle year round from the elements, dust, debris, scratches, and pollen damage. There are hundreds of different types available, depending on what your needs are. Knowing a few facts about the product will help you make a more informed decision.

What are some custom fit car covers?

Most car covers for Dodge Dart are custom fit. Each size and shape differs according to the year of your Dodge Dart, which accounts for slight differences in silhouette and measurements. Product descriptions typically identify the year that a given cover corresponds to. If you cannot find your year, consider stretch covers. They typically expand enough to accommodate your Dodge while hugging its angles securely.

If stretch covers dont strike your fancy, select the cover made for the year closest to the year you purchased your Dodge. Generally, Dart covers from any year are a viable choice and provide full coverage/protection, give or take an inch.

Should you get indoor or outdoor covers?

It depends on the primary location where you store your vehicle. If you store your Dodge Dart in your garage between uses, opt for an indoor cover. There are also dual-use outdoor/indoor covers for people who tend to store their Dart indoors and outdoors as the year progresses and the weather changes.

Both indoor and outdoor models shield your Dodge Darts exterior from dust, scratches, bugs, and pollen. However, outdoor covers also provide UV protection as well. UVA and UVB rays contain radiation that can discolor your vehicles interior.

How many layers can you get?

Numbers of layers range from 1–15. There is no standard breakdown of the types of layers used, but there are some materials that consistently reappear, such as polyester and nylon woven to feel and look like fleece, satin, and metallic material. The layers encourage airflow, repel moisture, and reflect UV rays. Typically, fleece layers come into direct contact with your Darts exterior, shielding your cars exterior from potential scratches and dings.

What are the different hem types?

Choose between elastic hems and grommet hems. Elastic hems have elasticized bands along the hemline, slipping onto your car and staying put rather like a shower cap. Some covers have completely elasticized hems whereas others have hems that are elasticized in front and back or on each lateral side.

Some grommet hems have elasticized bands along the hemline, but a lock and cable are the main method used to secure the cover onto your Dodge Dart and keep it secure. Both types of covers contain an additional grommet to let you create a secure hole through which to insert your antenna while the cover is on your car.

What colors are available?

Colors vary seasonally, but car covers are often available in a wide assortment of colors. There are neutral beige, gray, and white covers as well as many dark hues, such as black and blue. Green, gold, silver, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow remain in rotation. There are also durable translucent car covers. These are usually disposable covers designed for temporary use or for use in mild climates and locations.