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Covers for BMW 335i

BMW 335i Car Covers

Protect your BMW 335i series sedan from external hazards with a set of car covers. Some auto enthusiasts prefer to keep their vehicles in optimum storage conditions. With a car cover, the external features of the automobile will be sheltered, day and night, from the elements and other risks.

What are the different BMW 335i series car covers?

This car model is part of the BMW 3 line, a luxury range from the European car company. For a BMW 3 series owner, protecting the sedan detailing not only preserves the identity of the brand but also prevents additional maintenance costs. Owners should consider the following factors when choosing a protective sheet:

  • Indoor: Some owners may have a garage for their BMW but would prefer to have another layer of coverage for the body and engine of their automobile. An indoor cover for the BMW 335i can be used for units that are in extended storage.
  • Outdoor: This type of cover for the BMW 3 series is designed for heavy-duty outdoor protection. When cars are parked outdoors, a tougher cover is needed to protect the 335i body and engine.
  • Fitted: This option is custom-made to fit the contours of the BMW 3 series. There are choices that are manufactured specifically for the BMW body. Some of the options include OEM and aftermarket brands.
  • Loose: A loose-fitting cover is designed to be universally used with many different sedan models. It can be easily removed and placed over the unit when in a hurry. The coverage also extends up to the wheels of the automobile. Some are equipped with grommets to safely secure the unit.
How do car covers protect your BMW 335i?

Whether the BMW auto enthusiast prefers a fitted or loose option for their BMW 3 series, vehicle covers provide a protective barrier against natural and manmade hazards. Ultraviolet rays are just one of these hazards. Extended exposure to the sun’s rays could do harm to the BMW’s paint job. Vehicles that are parked in open spaces are also exposed to a constant stream of airborne dirt and even debris from other drivers. Without a cover, moisture conditions could also cause damage to the detailing of the BMW 3 series.

How do you choose a BMW 335i car cover?

Before you choose a cover, you may consider the following:

  • Type: Do you prefer an outdoor or indoor cover for your BMW turbo sedan or coupe? Depending on your preference, there are several ways to protect your 335i.
  • Fit: Choosing car covers for the BMW 3 series also depends on the body type. Both loose and fit options offer protection for the vehicle; the difference is that fitted covers are customized for the body of the automobile. Loose covers are free-flowing and do not hug the BMW’s body.
  • Material: These include waterproof fabrics made from polyethylene as well as breathable materials such as Superweave. Some options are lined with soft fleece to prevent abrasion.