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Frequently Asked Questions About Corelle Dinner Service Sets

Whether you are serving dinner parties or everyday lunches, beautiful dishes can elevate the experience. That is where Corelle dishes come in handy. Corelle is known for making glass dishes that are thin and exceptionally strong, so they are ideal for any type of meal.

Items that are typically included in Corelle dinnerware sets

Every Corelle dinnerware set is different, but some commonly included options are:

  • Plates: Depending on the set, included plates might include dinner plates, salad plates, and bread and butter plates. Some sets also include snack plates and serving platters.
  • Bowls: Many Corelle dinnerware packs include cereal bowls. Others come with soup bowls or pasta bowls, which are shallower and made with lower sides than traditional bowls.
  • Mugs: Some dinnerware sets from Corelle come with coffee mugs. In many cases, the mugs come in 11 or 12-ounce sizes. Some sets, particularly vintage models, also include juice glasses. In some cases, you can find dinnerware sets with soup mugs, which are larger than traditional mugs and can hold drinks or soup.
Essential things to look for in Corelle dinnerware sets on eBay

As you are choosing between different affordable dinnerware sets, consider the following factors:

  • Shape: Choose from plates, bowls, and mugs in traditional round shapes, or pick square-shaped styles for a more contemporary look.
  • Design: Corelle sets come in a variety of designs, including florals, stripes, and abstracts. You can also buy solid-colored sets for a timeless look. If you prefer a vintage style, look for Corelle dishes with a classic border print, such as vines or colored bands.
  • Colors: Many Corelle dinnerware sets feature classic white backgrounds and colored accents. Occasionally, you can find a set that features color-blocked design or full-coverage patterns.
  • Texture: Some Corelle sets come with raised patterns and textures. Often, these designs are made in the same color as the rest of the dish for a subtle effect.
When might you want to buy used Corelle dinnerware sets?

Dinnerware sets are not cheap, which means that you can save money by purchasing used sets on eBay. As you are researching options, check out the condition of each item. This is particularly true for plates, which are more easily scratched or discolored than other items because of the high level of contact with utensils. Next, look to see the number of pieces that are included in the set, and make sure it is not missing a key item.

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