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Conair Hair Hot Rollers

Conair hair rollers are designed to provide users with full, bouncy curls using heat and their signature shape. Designed to work in only a few minutes, these rollers can be worked into an everyday hair styling routine. Simply roll your hair around the curler, leave in as directed, and unroll your hair to achieve your desired hairstyle.

How do Conair hot rollers work?

Hot rollers combine heat and moisture to quickly form soft or tight curls. Conair's rollers are designed to shape a number of hair textures, from already curly hair to straight tresses. Over time, this traditional styling tool has developed to make it safer for hair and easier to use, with a variety of heat settings, roller sizes, and clips to form and keep curls secure.

How do you use Conair hot rollers?
  • Preparation: Start with dry hair. Plug in your heated roller unit. While it's heating up, carefully brush any tangles out of your hair. With your tresses hanging evenly about your head, apply any desired styling products such as setting spray, curl cream, or mousse for added volume.
  • Roll your hair: Using one-inch sections of hair, begin rolling. Start at the top of your head and work your way down. Holding the end of each section, wind it around a roller so that it rests against your scalp when done. Secure the rollers with the sectioning clips. Continue until all sections are rolled. Leave the hot rollers in for 10 to 15 minutes, or 20 minutes if you have longer, heavier hair. As you wait for your hair to set, you can do your makeup, plan your outfit, or answer texts. The roller's clips will keep the hair secure as you go.
  • Unroll and go: Unroll and remove the rollers from your hair. Loosen your curls up with your fingers, gently working from the roots down. With a paddle brush or wide tooth comb, you can arrange your curls for an ordered, evenly curled look or leave loose for a more youthful, tousled mane. After a few uses, you'll be able to roll your hair quickly and effectively to create a number of hairstyles.
How do you maintain a Conair hot roller hair setter?

Your Conair hair unit is designed for household use only and is almost maintenance-free. Should you ever need to clean it, disconnect the appliance from any power source before you start. Allow the setter to cool, if warm or recently used, before wiping it with a cleaning cloth. You may also clean your rollers with a damp cloth and mild soap.