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Stay Cool with an LGA 1366 Heatsink

When you add a heatsink to your computer, you can increase your gaming power and work on multiple graphics, video-editing, and text projects with a reduced risk of experiencing a system crash. You can also boost the system performance of your computer using LGA 1366 Socket B heatsinks attached to your cooling fan.

What is an LGA 1366 heatsink?

Otherwise known as Socket B, this CPU part has 1,336 pins on its bottom side. These pins make contact with the motherboard. The heatsink attaches to the top of this part, usually with a cooling fan, and it typically is made of copper or aluminum. Its construction enables the fast drawing of heat from your system to be forced out with a fan from your computer. The "LGA" in this part name stands for "Land Grid Array," which allows you some versatility when customizing your computer for gaming, running graphic-arts software, and more.

What performance features does the Socket B heatsink have?

The materials used to construct these accessories contribute to how they perform. The LGA 1366 CPU devices usually work with a fan for dispelling heat from a device. Many of them have these features and capabilities:

  • Sleeve bearing - It allows the fan attached to your heatsink to run for 25,000-30,000 hours. This equals about 2.85-3.42 years, depending on how many hours per day you run your machine. Alternative bearing types include the ball bearings and liquid bearing systems. Both of these types, along with the sleeve type, will perform for a lengthy amount of time as long as they remain lubricated.
  • 12-volt capacity - Some parts might handle more or less, but the Socket LGA 1366 typically handles about 12 volts of power. The sink and fan cooling kit work together to help your computer run at higher processing speeds without overheating or failing.
  • Quick installation - Most heatsinks with a fan mount onto your motherboard with screws, clips, or soldering material. It usually only takes a few minutes, and they typically connect with a 3-pin or 4-pin wire.
  • Increased heat-dissipation power - The fan-and-heatsink cooling combo provides the ability to remove heat from your system at a higher wattage. For instance, some will work at up to 130 watts.
  • Lightweight - Many CPU cooler systems weigh about a pound or less, yet they perform a task that is vital for stable computer operation.

Which computers can use an LG1366 heatsink?

You can install this cooler component along with a fan on any HP computer that has an ML350 processor. You also can add it to any MAC, Dell, or Lenovo that has an Intel-i7-9-series or Intel-Xeon-35-36- and 55-56-series CPU. Usually, cross-referencing the part numbers can let you know if a heatsink is compatible with your computer.

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