A Color ID Card Printer Can Help You Meet Your Security Needs

Having color ID cards for all your employees or members can help you quickly identify who gets access to your facilities. There are color ID card printers that you can keep on your desk or otherwise in your office. Most of them are designed to print out a card in less than one minute.

What are some features that ID card printers have?

You can find ID card printers with the following features:

  • Single-sided or double-sided capabilities: Some card printers are only capable of creating single-sided badges. If this is not sufficient for you, you can get a double-sided printer so that you can include additional information on the back of each card.
  • Lamination: Lamination places a thin, plastic film over the cards you print. When you laminate your cards, they'll be more likely to stand up to the test of time. They can be swiped multiple times a day, worn outside, and worn around water.
  • Volume capabilities: Some printers are designed for minimal volume, while others are designed for large-batch printing.
  • Enhanced security: Some printers allow you to include magnetic stripes, holograms, and die presses to make it more difficult to replicate the ID card.
Do printers use any special design software?

In most cases, an ID printer will come with software that you'll use to input the pictures and text that you want to encode on the card. It's also often possible to set up your own card configuration using a basic computer program, such as Word or Photoshop.

What are retransfer ID card printers?

These types of printers allow you to print on uneven surfaces. This means that you can print a picture and text on smart cards and badges that have already been punched out. These printers can print from edge to edge on a card, eliminating any white space. This is in contrast to direct-to-card printers, which create print margins all around the cards and have limited capabilities in terms of printing on other types of cards.

How do you connect card printers to computers?

An ID card printer system can usually be connected to a computer via a USB cable. Card printers can also communicate with a computer through a wireless connection. By using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can connect with multiple devices, some of which might not even be in the same room as the printer.