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Car and Truck Dash Clocks

Car and truck dash clocks come standard on some vehicles. Car owners that are looking to replace vintage or broken units can easily find many replacement parts online and off. If youre looking to enhance the interior design of your car, youll be able to find a wide variety of units with unique and attractive designs to suit your needs.

What types of dash clocks are available?

While many of the dash clocks that are available are analog, meaning the clock has hands, there are also products that are digital. Although some people prefer the analog because it adds a classic look to the interior, others prefer digital because they are more accurate and/or because it is easier to adjust the time.

What vehicles will the dash clock fit into?

In order to ensure that you get a dash clock compatible with your vehicle, its vital that you read the product description, which will list the makes and models of vehicle the clock will fit. Usually, units will be compatible with a specific line across several years. For example, the dash clock may fit Toyota Corollas from 2002 to 2010.

What brand-specific dash clocks are available?

There are several dashboard clocks that are brand specific. For example, youll find ones for Infiniti, Mercedes, Chrysler, and more. The designs reflect the companys logo and exemplify the brands design. Youll also be able to find products designed by well-known watchmakers like IWC Schaffhausen and TAG Heuer, if you prefer their style.

How reliable are OEM products compared to original parts?

OEM products are as reliable as the original parts. They function as they should and are designed to fit specific makes and models. In some cases, they will be an improvement from the original parts, especially if you have a car with some age on it. Just remember that the design may be different from the original part.

What if you cant find a dashboard clock thats compatible?

If you cannot find a dashboard clock compatible with your car or truck, there are universal clocks that are designed to fit many different makes and models. There are also clock mounts that you can add to the side or top of your car or trucks dashboard instead of in the dash itself.

How do you install a dashboard clock in your car?

First, you remove the dashboard panel or the protective glass in the slot. This will involve unscrewing the fastened screws to reveal the wiring. Look for the wiring that your original clock is connected to and connect the proper pins to your replacement dashboard clock. Some manufacturers will provide a manual to help you with this process. You may choose to hire a professional to install it for you, especially if you are having trouble.