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Cisco VoIP Business Phones and IP PBX

Enhanced Business Calling with IP Phones

Are you looking to take your business communication to the next level? One of the leading manufacturers of IP phones, a Cisco IP phone allows you to take advantage of converged voice and data networks without compromising on convenience. A Cisco IP phone can help improve call productivity and communication throughout your organization with its range of user-friendly phones available in a wide variety of types and models to suit your business needs.

What Is an IP Phone?

Also known as a VoIP phone, these innovative phones enable the processing of voice communication using the Internet protocol. A VoIP telephone converts analog voice signals into digital signals, then packages them to transfer over the Internet.

  • Series IP phones offer a range of call functions that analog phones don’t support, as well as convenient features like speakerphone, caller ID displays, call holds, easy-to-use call transferring, and conferencing that businesses have come to expect.
  • IP phones are available in a whole range of different designs with some appearing like traditional business phones and others resembling a tablet. You can also find conference-style IP phones with a speaker on top and surrounding microphones, as well as telepresence IP phones that feature cameras and screens.
  • You can usually power IP phones with an Ethernet cable, which is great for wiring phones when power is unavailable.

Which Features Should You Look for in an IP Phone?

Many VoIP devices come with Wi-Fi capabilities, while some high-end models also feature Bluetooth, enabling you to connect a headset and access the phone remotely.

  • Depending on your requirements, you may want just a high-speed Ethernet pass-through to plug into one end of a router and your computer or a gigabit pass through.
  • At the more expensive end of the spectrum, you can find VoIP phones that are capable of handling multiple lines that are a great option for large businesses and organizations.

Should I Buy an IP or an Analog/Digital Phone?

Compared to analog phones, VoIP phones are available in a whole range of different types, including voice-over phones that can operate using the wireless network and full-feature handset IP desk phones. VoIP phones require just a single network to maintain while analog-digital phones require a separate network with cables, as well as an IP network for data.

  • Other advantages of VoIP phones are that you can access and configure them remotely, as well as operate over multiple extension lines.
  • IP communication systems are a secure way to manage your business calls over your own private network and are an option for businesses wanting to integrate video calling into their communication.
  • Because of their advanced technology, they’re also capable of hosting web and video conferences, creating virtual receptionists, and sending faxes over the Internet.

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