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Expanding Your Viewing Options with TV Antennas and Dishes

Having the right TV antenna allows you to tune into TV channels broadcast by the major networks, for free. Both networks and local stations all broadcast HDTV programs on radio signals that you can use a TV aerial to receive. The type and size of antenna you need will depend on where you live, and whether you want an indoor, or outdoor aerial.

How Do Antenna's Work?

A basic outline of how TV/FM antennas work is: 

  • Free to air, or over the air, TV broadcasts from television towers or transmitters around the United States.
  • The digital tuners in TVs, or in a separate digital converter box if your TV is an older analog model, receive the signals sent over UHF and VHF frequencies.
  • An antenna is necessary to amplify the reception of these signals.
  • The signal range of the transmitters in your area often determines the type of antenna needed.
  • Amplifiers may be crucial in some locations to boost the signal and reception. In some models, amplifiers are built-in as an additional feature.

What Types Are There?

Antennas can come in indoor and outdoor designs. 

  • Indoor: These usually sit on top of your TV or a table or your entertainment unit. They usually offer great reception in a city or urban residential areas, where homes and apartments are usually within relatively close mile range to local TV towers. Attached to your TV via cable, their design may be as traditional rabbit-ears (two extendable rods attached to a base). Rabbit ears also may come with or without an attached loop mounted antenna. Another popular design is a flat antenna. Flat antennas look more like small square boxes, with the wiring and antenna inside the plastic casing.
  • Outdoor: Outdoor antennas mount on the outside of your house, apartment or building usually on the roof. Usually attached to a mast, these angle to point in the direction of the closest television tower in your area. They have an especially strong signal and reception, and if you live in a rural area or outside city boundaries, you will most likely need an outdoor model. They connect to your television via a coaxial cable. Antenna sizes, shapes, and designs vary. Omni-directional antennas a can receive signals from multiple TV towers.

What Styles Does Channel Master Make?

Channel Master has been in the business of making and supplying television antennas in the US since the 1940's. They have an extensive range of both indoor and outdoor models that suit different environments and areas. They also have products to complement your entertainment needs today, including their SMARTenna, and boxes for streaming online content. Please see their website for full details on their range of aerials and guidance for selecting an aerial for your area.