Finding a Wall Charger for Your Smartphone

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives. You use them for almost everything, from emailing to GPS navigation, browsing, playing music, and even streaming our favorite movies and TV shows. All these applications increase power consumption and can cause your phone's battery to keep on draining. As a result, having a good battery is only one part of staying connected. You will also need a good charger.

What Should You Consider When Selecting a Wall Charger?

Different devices have different charging circuitry and input power specifications. While most chargers will have the similar connectors, it doesn't mean that they are all the same.

  • Phone specifications: When looking for a charger, you should ensure that it matches your phone's power specifications. Take note of the charging power requirements, including the voltage and current (I) measured in amps.
  • Cable: The charger cable you use plays a major part when charging your phone. From the outside, many cables look the same, but on the inside, the designs are different. You should also consider whether you want a dual-purpose cable functioning as both a power cable and data cable.
  • Connector design: This should match your cell phone's charging port. Most micro-USB connectors can charge a wide range of USB compatible devices, and as result, most users make the mistake of using this as the sole factor when getting phone chargers.
  • Durability: Getting a cable with strong, lasting materials and a thicker anti-break protective mesh could save you the hassle of having to look for a new cable every now and then.
  • Fast charging: If you love to fully charge your device quickly, then you should look for a fast-charge capable charger. However, if your device is not fast-charge capable, you may not see any significant differences.
  • Design: Wall chargers feature different designs, with some adapters having a single charging port and others dual ports or even multiple ports. The choice ultimately depends on your needs as well as preference. For users who travel a lot, a minimalistic, detachable design with foldable charging ports can come in handy.

What Are Good Practices for Charging the Samsung Galaxy S4?

The Galaxy S4 features a micro USB charging port, and users can charge the smartphone using either the OEM charger or any other approved aftermarket charger. Some of the points you should follow include:

  • Using the right charger: Although one might recommend the original charger, you can use any other approved charger. Using the wrong charger may take more time to charge and may reduce your device's battery-life if used long term. All accessories, including wireless charging pads, should also be compatible with the Galaxy S4.
  • Keep the connector clean: Foreign objects in the connector can decrease charging efficiency, so keep dust and debris out.
  • Use the correct input power: The charger you use should be in the 5.0V/2.0A range, similar to the original charger.

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