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The Essential Guide to Carports and Fabricated Buildings

A carport or pre-fabricated shed can provide a quick space to store your vehicle or personal belongings. These structures generally come in a kit that provides all needed materials. Read more to find out how you can select carports that will work for your needs.

Metal building kits and carports

The handy thing about building kits for metal, wood, or fiberglass buildings or carports is that you need zero experience as a builder to construct one. These kits make constructing a storage shed into a connect "a" to "b" proposition. You only need a few simple tools like a wrench, screwdriver, and hammer to finish the job.

Materials considerations

Each material has its benefits and liabilities. Each region of the country has its own best option. Metal options may rust so they do best in dry climates. Wood options could draw termites if not properly treated, so areas with frequent infestations should choose a metal option. Lightweight aluminum can be constructed easily alone, but may not provide hearty protection in strong winds. Brick options cost more, but last longer and protect against numerous weather elements and termites.

What kind of structures can you construct using these pre-fabricated kits?

These kits provide a quick way to obtain an aluminum shed or open-ended carport for your home or office. You could also choose designs that use timber, brick, galvanized steel, or lightweight aluminum. These buildings, unlike garages, do not provide a complete enclosure on all sides of the vehicle. They require little time to construct and you could erect your new carport in a weekend. You can choose from numerous styles, including single, double, or multi-vehicle designs within the following:

  • Flat-roofed carport on upright posts
  • Cantilevered roof
  • Gabled roof
  • Solar roof

Within these choices, you can build any of the roof types onto a carport that opens on all sides or build a carport enclosed on two sides with any except the cantilevered roof.

Designs to complement the home

While you may need a simple aluminum structure immediately to protect your vehicles from the weather, you may also want to construct something permanent that matches your home design. These typically use brick or wood with a gable roof. The aesthetic of the gable roof complements the architecture of most homes. If you need added storage space for item storage, you can purchase a pre-fabricated shed kit to match the design of the carport.