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Window Cranks and Parts for Isuzu

The window cranks on your Isuzus doors play an important role in the operation of your windows. Here are some common questions that may come up when selecting a window crank for your Isuzu.

What are some tips for selecting a window crank?

Selecting a window crank or other window parts for your Isuzu can be overwhelming with the number of options available. Following these tips can help with the selection process.

  • Gather information on the make, model, and year of your truck. You may also want to get information on the production date to choose replacement parts that are compatible with your Isuzu.
  • Select a style. Window cranks can come in different colors and designs that allow you to customize your interior or find options that match your existing design.
  • Select a brand. You can choose from a selection of OEM and aftermarket options that are right for your Isuzu.
What types of window regulators are available for your Isuzu?

Window regulators help raise and lower the glass of your vehicle. There are two main types of regulators available, and understanding the different types can be helpful when selecting one for your Isuzu.

  • Cable window regulators use a series of wire cables and pulleys that move along the metal tracks. This style has a space-saving design with a flexible structure.
  • Scissor window regulators feature a full metal design that pushes the glass up from the bottom of the window. Similar in function to a pair of scissors, the window crank is connected to a gear that moves the arms together. This style is typically seen in older models.
What is the difference between window cranks and switches?

A window crank consists of a crank handle attached to a series of gears that make the window regulator move the glass up and down. They are manually operated and do not draw power from the electrical system. Switches work in conjunction with a motor installed in the window regulator. When you press the rocker switch on the console, it instructs the motor to activate so that you don’t have to manually raise or lower the glass.

What companies manufacture window cranks and parts for your Isuzu?

When you need to find a replacement part for your Isuzu, you have various companies to choose from. OEM components are built to the same factory specifications as the original parts on your Isuzu. You can also select window cranks from manufacturers such as Anco, Dorman, ACDelco, or other companies that produce aftermarket options. When choosing aftermarket components, you may have to make some adjustments for the parts to fit properly. There are also unbranded options available for your Isuzu.