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Sun Visors for Kia

Designed to make driving safer and less stressful, sun visors are hinged panels that hang above the windshield to protect drivers eyes from sun glare. Sun visors feature lights and vanity mirrors, and many can be rotated to block the side window as well. Before picking a sun visor for Kia, you should consider the types of sun visors available and the features they may have.

What should you consider when choosing a Kia sun visor?

Before picking a visor for your Kia car, you should make sure the visor is compatible with the model, year, trim, and engine type of the car. Here are some other factors to consider:

  • Color: Visors for the Kia typically come in gray, tan, or beige of varying shades.
  • Side: Depending on the visors shape, it may attach to the driver or passenger side only.
  • Operation: Manual sun visors for Kia cars can be pivoted or stowed by hand to deflect sun glare whereas automatic visors adjust on their own.
What are some features of Kia sun visors?

In addition to providing shade for drivers, many sun visors for Kia vehicles come with complementary features to make driving more comfortable.

  • Mirror: Kia car visors have vanity mirrors, allowing drivers to check their appearance while stopped. These may have cover flaps or sliding covers to prevent dust buildup when not in use.
  • Light: Lights on many visors switch on whenever you open them so you can check your reflection or look at a document in the dark.
  • Sliding extension: Retractable panels in some visors let you cover more of the windshield if the sun glare is distracting.
  • Additional flap: Some Kia car visors have an extra flap you can use to block a side window without having to rotate the whole visor. This added protection can make driving much safer.
  • Pouch: Pouches in visors let you store documents and small items for easy retrieval.
  • Garage link: A garage link on some visors lets you open the garage by pushing a button, removing the need for a remote.
How should you care for your Kia sun visor?

To make sure your sun visor lasts, clean or reupholster it as needed, and avoid attaching too many objects to it so the hinges do not become stressed. If the lights or automatic motor stop working, a mechanic can help. Also, take care to adjust and stow the sun visor as gently as you can. Avoid pulling on the hinges when you turn the visor, and keep the cover flaps or sliding covers shut when not in use.