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Seat Belt Parts for a Jeep

Seat belts add security for you and all of your passengers. If there is a damaged seatbelt, you will want to get it replaced in order to have a safe ride. Exploring the options available for your Jeep will make it easier to find quality components.

How do you buy seat belts for a Jeep?

There are a few things to consider as you look at seat belts for your Jeep.

  • Length of the belt: Lap belts vary from 60 inches to 90 inches in length.
  • Color: Choose a color that matches the interior of your Jeep.
  • Accessories: Identify the part(s) that need to be replaced.
What are some of the different seat belt accessories?

You will find that there are several accessories that make up the Jeep seat belts in your vehicle. Understanding them will help you figure out what needs to be replaced.

  • Pretensioner: The part that eliminates the slack on the seat belts.
  • Latch: What the buckle clips into.
  • Extender: Extends the standard lap belt length as needed.
  • Buckle: This is attached to the strap that clips into place.
  • Complete kit: Includes all components for a two-point or three-point system.
What is an off-road harness?

An off-road harness is commonly included in the front and rear seats of a Jeep to make it easier to go off-roading. A five-point system is what is most frequently used for off-roading, as it provides five points of connection to the seat. There are lap belts that go across the passenger as well as across the chest and between the legs.

How do you install seatbelts?

Installing seatbelts will not require many tools. There are two bolts, one on each side of the seat. One side is where the latch is located, and the other side has the pretensioner. The bolts are often covered with a plastic cap that needs to be lifted off. From there, you can remove the bolts in order to take the old parts off. You can then put the new ones into position and tighten the bolts again. Then, feed the belt into the tongue of the pretensioner so that you can operate the seat belt properly.

What are some of the features available on seat belts?

As you shop for Jeep seat belts, here are some features to consider. These will allow you to get the accessories that will provide you with safety and comfort.

  • Quick-release clip.
  • Bright colored belts.
  • Padding on shoulder straps.