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Seat Belt Parts for GMC

Whether youre upgrading to a different seat belt or repairing an existing one, there are different parts that you should be aware of for safety reasons. Knowing a few details will make it easier to get what you need for your GMC whether its a Yukon. Sierra, or other model.

What parts are available?

There are several replacement parts available for seat belts. You will want to review what needs to be replaced to ensure you get the right parts. Some of these pieces include:

  • Extender
  • Latch
  • Pretensioner
  • Seat belt clip
What are some of the features of GMC seat belts?

You will find that there are all sorts of different features found within car and truck seatbelts. By knowing more about them, you can find the right fit for your GMC Yukon, Terrain, or other vehicle . The following features are prevalent:

  • Durable plastic
  • Retractable belts
  • Padded shoulder harnesses
  • Push-button latches
  • Bright colors
How are the parts installed?

Replacing seatbelts will vary based on the model GMC that you have. Generally, you will need to find the bolts that secure the belt. A plastic top will need to be pried off with a screwdriver. The bolts will need to be removed using a wrench. There may be belts, buckles, and shoulder straps will need to be unbolted. You can then align the new retractor to the holes that are already in place. When the new buckle is bolted into place, you can feed the tongue of the seat belt to the buckle. Pull a few times and ensure that all is secure and tightened.

What is an OEM part?

OEM is a term that is used to identify brands made for a specific manufacturer. It stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer”. When you want a part that was made specifically for your vehicle model, you will want to look for OEM. All other brands are identified as being aftermarket. The part will still fit and work properly but is not manufactured specifically for GMC.

How do you buy seat belts?

Buying seat belts will ensure youre able to secure yourself and others into your vehicle. There are a few details to review when buying new belts:

  • Model and model year: Identify the details of your vehicle to get the right fit.
  • Length: The length of the belt generally measures between 60 and 90 inches.
  • Placement in vehicle: Front seats generally use a 3-point while back seats use a 2-point belt system.
  • Color: Review the color of the belt to match or coordinate with your interior and trim. Many aftermarket brands have options beyond black and tan.