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Seat Belts and Parts for Fords

No matter what type of Ford you own and drive, you need working seat belts. These little pieces are important safety features that keep you protected during a collision. If one of yours fails, replacements are available for your Ford vehicle.

What parts are in a seat belt?

Seat belts are a legal requirement for most vehicles. You may not realize that they actually consist of different components that include:

  • Belt: The piece that you actually wrap across your lap and/or over your shoulder is the belt. Ford and other companies make belts from durable materials that wont wear down or break due to normal use. The material is strong enough that it wont snap during an accident either.
  • Buckle: Located on the end of the belt is a metal piece called the buckle. This works with a plastic piece called a latch. It may have metal grommets or stitching that keeps it securely attached too.
  • Latch: When you insert the metal piece into the plastic latch, you should hear a clicking sound. This sound lets you know the system works properly. The latch has other pieces on the opposite end that keep it secured to your Ford.
What are extenders for seat belts?

Extenders for seat belts are products designed for those who require longer belts. When you pull the seat belt down, youll notice that it extends out from the end. However, it can only extend to a set length, which may not be long enough for some people. Extenders hook to one end of the seat belt to extend its overall length. You can then insert it into the latch before driving.

Are seat belts compatible with all Ford seats?

Ford is the manufacturer behind dozens of different vehicles and hundreds of models. Some products work with specific models like the Mustang or the Ranger. These products often have branding on the front that relates to the name of that car. Ford seat belts and parts are also available as refurbished products. These items come from cars and trucks that were in accidents and totaled. All the parts salvaged from those vehicles are still in good working condition. Other products are new old stock (NOS) Ford parts. You might protect yourself with items made the same year as your car but never sold until now.

What are universal seat belts?

In addition to products made and sold by Ford, you can also search for parts from other companies. These are aftermarket products. One example of an aftermarket product is a universal seat belt. This is a product that uses a design that is compatible across many vehicles. You can use one to replace a broken seat belt in your Ford or any other car. A set will come with all the pieces that you need. You can also buy individual pieces to replace those broken on your own Ford seats.