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Parking Brake Cables for Saturn Vehicles

Saturn stopped manufacturing vehicles in 2009, but there are still plenty of Saturns on the road. When they need replacement parts for the cars, drivers can find Original Equipment Manufacturer options as well as aftermarket ones. Brake maintenance is one of the most important considerations for Saturn drivers.

How does the parking brake work?

The parking brake, also known as the emergency brake, is most commonly used to ensure that a car stays put when parked. This feature is especially useful when the vehicle is parked on a hill or uneven terrain. Its connected to the rear brakes only, and when its engaged, it places the wheels in a locked position. This prevents the car from rolling away while in a parked position, but this brake has other benefits as well; it places less stress on the transmission.

What are the components of the parking brake housing system?

Every Saturn car is equipped with a parking brake housing system comprised of the following parts:

  • Parking brake cables: The cables are responsible for connecting the major parts of the parking brake system. One set of brake cables runs from the brake to the equalizer. Once they reach the equalizer, the parking brake cables separate so that the braking force can be evenly distributed to the two rear wheels.
  • Lever: The lever, which is usually located in the cars cabin, allows drivers to engage and disengage the brake.
  • Equalizer: This part, which is generally u-shaped, splits the braking force in half and sends it back to the rear of the car.
  • Caliper brake components: In Saturn cars equipped with rear disc brakes, several additional parts are used to ensure emergency brake functionality. These may include a caliper piston, an extra lever, and a corkscrew.
What are signs that the parking brake cables are malfunctioning?

If this braking system isnt working properly, the parking brake cable is often to blame. Cables, which are usually steel-braided, can be weakened over time as a result of stretching. If the brake cable starts to wear out, Saturn drivers may notice the following signs:

  • Warning light: Many Saturn vehicles have a warning light that goes off when the emergency brake system is in need of repair.
  • No function: If the cable snaps or breaks, the brake wont function at all. Drivers may notice that they can no longer depress the brake.
  • Inadequate function: When brake cables are stretched out, drivers will still be able to depress the brake, but the braking system may not be able to hold the weight of the vehicle in place. Drivers may notice that their vehicle leans or rolls even when the brake is engaged.