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Instrument Panel Lights for GMC

Instrument panel lights allow you to have complete knowledge of how well or otherwise the systems in your vehicle are working. They are available in a wide array of different colors such as green and blue. These dash lights are available from numerous brands including ACDelco, General Motors, Philips, and Wagner.

What are the different types of bulbs available?

There are different bulb types available for dashboard warning lights. These include LED and incandescent.

  • LED:Light emitting diodes provide you with a bulb that consists of a semiconductor. Electricity sent to the semiconductor produces illumination. The longer it is on, the brighter the bulb glows. LED bulbs are energy efficient when lighting sources by design. When turned on in your dash, they will produce only a small amount of heat and can be cool to the touch hours after they have been in use. They can also produce a range of colors and are built with durable materials.
  • Incandescent: This type of bulb consists of a wire filament heats up and glows when electricity contacts it. Incandescent bulbs provide natural lighting that appears similar to the light from the sun.
Which indicator lights are available for the instrument panel?

When you are selecting lights for your instrument panel, there are various signs that these warning lights show when turned on, allowing you to know when you need to get an oil change, or put some more fuel into your GMC vehicle. The urgent warnings that these dashboard lights indicate include your speed, your oil pressure levels, and how much fuel is in your tank. The dashboard warning lights can also tell you when your seatbelt is off, when you need to check the engine, and when the parking brake is still engaged. Some dashboards include lighted speedometers, odometers, tachometers, and turn indicators, while a number of these controls might also offer information on entertainment systems and climate control.

What are some of the bulb colors you can select?

When you are selecting some of these dash lights for your GMC vehicle, they are available in a variety of different bulb colors, primarily blue. You might want to consider additional colors such as clear, green, purple, yellow, pink, and red.

What is an OEM part?

Some dashboard lights are listed as being OEM parts, which means that they are available from the original manufacturer. When you notice indicator lights listed as such, they are designed exactly like the ones that were initially available in your GMC vehicle.