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Fuel Pumps for Chevrolet

A fuel pump is a vital component for a Chevrolet. If yours breaks, you will need to replace it quickly. Learning more about this part will help you make the needed repairs.

What does a fuel pump do?

This part helps transfer the fuel from the tank to the engine for internal combustion. Gravity is not enough to help the fuel reach the necessary location. If the pump breaks, the fuel wont be able to power the vehicle, which will prevent it from functioning properly.

How do you choose a fuel pump?

When youre buying this part, its important to have the basic knowledge to ensure you purchase the right component for your car.

  • Type: There are electrical, mechanical, and external fuel pumps.
  • Model and year: The model and year of your vehicle will impact the type of replacement part.
  • OEM or aftermarket: You will need to determine if you want an OEM genuine part or not.
What is OEM?

OEM is the abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer. It identifies a part as being a genuine part from the manufacturers factory. The alternative is to buy aftermarket, which includes all auto parts produced that arent specifically made for Chevrolet. Many brands, both OEM and aftermarket, make parts that will fit your vehicle.

How do you replace a fuel pump?

Replacing a fuel pump requires time and patience. You will need to turn off the engine, disconnect the negative battery cable under the hood, and then jack up the back of the vehicle. The pump is connected to the fuel tank, which is located at the back of the car. You will need to disconnect the tank, making sure to disconnect all lines and remove the cables or mount holding it in place. Once you have the tank down, you can then disconnect it from the pump. Install the new pump to the tank and then reverse the instructions to get it back into position.

What type of gas goes into a fuel pump?

The type of gas going into a pump will depend on the type of fuel your engine accepts. Most Chevrolet vehicles take unleaded. However, if you switch your engine to diesel, you will want to change out the pump to ensure that there are no trace elements of the other type of fuel that had been previously used.