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Car and Truck Floor Mats and Carpets for Nissan

Nissan floor mats are designed to protect your Frontier, Murano, Altima or other car from dirt and stains. To protect your Nissan, you can find a variety of different floor mats that will keep the interior or your Nissan clean and fresh.

What are Nissan OEM floor mats?

The term OEM means that these replacement floor mats were made by the original equipment manufacturer that produces the mats. There are numerous benefits to choosing OEM Nissan floor mats, including:

  • Product logo: OEM Nissan floor mats will have the company logo embroidered on them, making them look like they originally came with the vehicle.
  • Specifications: Replacement OEM parts are made to the same specifications as the original floor mats. This means that they will be the same quality as your original Nissan mats.
  • Fit: Because the original floor mats were designed to fit the Nissan vehicle, replacing them with OEM mats will ensure that they also fit your car or truck.
  • Materials: Replacement OEM floor mats will be made of the same carpet or rubber materials that the original Frontier mats were made of.
What types of floor mats are available?

There are three main types of mats that you can put in your Nissan car or truck:

  • Carpeted floor mats: These mats for your Nissan are resistant to water and abrasions. While OEM floor mats match the vehicle interior, aftermarket floor mats can come in a variety of colors and with different sports logos or designs.
  • Rubber and plastic mats: These long-lasting mats can be easily cleaned off when they become dirty. Many rubber and plastic mats are waterproof and resistant to mud and other debris.
  • Metal floor mats: These mats rarely, if ever, need to be replaced. They can be repolished and cleaned. They are also abrasion-proof and waterproof.
What are custom and universal floor mats?

When you are looking for Nissan Frontier floor mats, you may have the ability to choose between custom mats that are designed specifically for your Nissan or universal floor mats. There are some differences between the two:

  • Custom: These mats are designed to cover the entire floor of your vehicle. Custom Nissan Frontier floor mats or those for the Altima may be made by the original equipment manufacturer or aftermarket manufacturers.
  • Universal: Universal covers are made to fit in a variety of vehicles, including the Nissan Murano and other Nissan makes and models. They generally cover most of the vehicles floor but may not cover the entire thing.