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Customize Your Vehicle With Sterling Car and Truck Dash Parts

Whether you are looking to replace parts or simply customize your vehicle, Sterling parts can get you exactly what you want. Browse a variety of new and used car and truck dash parts for Sterling vehicles on eBay. With these parts, you can ensure that the changes you make fit and work correctly while giving you plenty of room for personal taste.

Matching parts to vehicles

The first step in ordering new Sterling parts is to match them to your vehicle. Most matches can be made by knowing the make, model, and year of your car. When more information is appropriate, compare the engine size (usually in liters) and trim to get exactly the right part.

What car parts does Sterling offer?

Sterling manufactures a large number of different car parts. In general, you can find pre-owned pieces and accessories for items found on the dash. Not every make and model will have every part available, but these are some searched items:

  • 2000 Sterling a9500 series dash assembly
  • Sterling Shepard 40 Yard Dash
  • Sterling truck dash assembly
  • Sterling dash replacement
  • Sterling Shepard 40 Yard Dash Time
What original parts does Sterling offer?

Sterling manufactures all of the parts they distribute. While some sellers may work with refurbished goods, Sterling parts are not initially refurbished. They are brand new and manufactured specifically for the part and vehicle listed in the manufacturer description. Sterling also offers original products that are not replacements for vehicular parts. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Dash mat covers
  • Steering wheel covers
  • Dash clocks
  • Dash radio/stereo systems
What is the difference between replacement and rebuilt parts?

Rebuilt parts are parts of a vehicle that break. They are sent to a manufacturer or repair entity and fixed to be restored to working condition. Replacement parts are more general. Rebuilt, refurbished, and re-manufactured parts are all different categories of replacement parts. You can also get brand new replacement parts, and that is what Sterling manufactures. So, Sterling parts are replacement parts, but they are not originally sold as refurbished, used, rebuilt, or re-manufactured items. That said, some sellers on eBay may offer non-new Sterling parts.

What materials are Sterling parts made out of?

Sterling provides a wide range of materials for any number of auto parts. Most parts can be found with materials comparable to those used by the car manufacturer. In many other cases, alternative materials might also be available. As an example, many dash bezels are made of plastic. Sterling offers fiberglass replacements for many models as an alternative.

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