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Car & Truck Interior, Cargo Nets, Trays, & Liners

Cargo nets, trays, and other holders are used to secure loads in place in cars and trucks during transportation. Nets hold things down while trays and liners can help keep them from moving around too much on the floor. Other types of holders can help organize or hide goods.

What types of cargo holders are available?
  • Cargo nets: Cargo nets hold cargo in place, providing safety in sudden stops and accidents.
  • Organizers: Organizers are caddies with sections and pouches designed to help organize and hold items in a car trunk, under a seat, or in the back of an SUV.
  • Trays and liners: These items help keep cargo from direct contact with the floor. They are useful for keeping things clean and dry.
  • Anti-theft covers: Anti-theft covers keep goods hidden from potential thieves.
What should you consider when buying a cargo net?

The variety of nets available may seem many, but these considerations can help you select the right net for your needs.

  • Size: Nets come in a range of sizes. The right size is especially important if the net doesnt stretch much.
  • Stretch: A stretchy net is more versatile with vehicle and cargo sizes. However, one that doesnt stretch might be more secure in some situations.
  • Hook type: The hooks must be able to hook onto the car or truck the net will be used in.
  • Durability: A net should be durable enough for the load it will hold. Heavy-duty nets are better for heavy use.
  • Color: You may want a net that coordinates with the color of your vehicle.
Are there organizers for use under seats?

There are organizers designed for use under seats, often under the rear seats. Some of these fit under the rear seats of a double-cab pickup, giving the truck more interior storage space. These are often designed for specific vehicles, so be sure to choose one compatible with yours.

Can a cargo cover help to deter thieves?

There are cargo covers designed to conceal goods in the backs of SUVs. These covers can make it look like the floor of the SUV is higher than it is. They also keep things from bouncing out of place. Certain other types of cargo holders not specifically designed to prevent theft can still provide some protection by making items harder to see or by slowing the thief down.