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Air Cleaner Assemblies for Ford

Air cleaner assemblies for Ford cars and trucks clean the air that comes into the vehicle through the heating, cooling, or fan system. They manage the air coming from dusty environments and allow oxygen into your car.

Why is the air cleaner system important for Ford vehicles?

Using an air filter is an easy accommodation that benefits the entire vehicles performance. Below the hood of the car, many contaminants are constantly entering, which can lower the performance of the engine and stop air flow. The importance of the air filter system is often overlooked, as clogged air filters can reduce the flow of air and introduce allergens into the cabin. This can also reduce the heating performance of the vehicle. Changing the air cleaner assemblies of the car is the first step to improving how the engine runs.

What kind of filters does Ford’s air intake system have?

There are different types of air filter materials:

  • Paper: Paper filters are efficient and easy to manage. They are specifically fitted to the vehicles air inflow.
  • Foam: Foam offers a minimal airflow restriction and a high collection of dirt. They are popular for heavy-duty jobs, especially for motorcycles, which may encounter high levels of dust.
  • Cotton: Cotton gauze is also popularly used in the air cleaner assemblies of automobiles.
  • Steel mesh: This filter allows more air to pass through. The mesh counts are different for different filtration standards. It is appropriate for highly modified engine shapes where there is not enough space for a cone air cleaner.
How does Ford’s air intake system work?

Besides fuel, the vehicle requires oxygen to function. Tubes and valves take the oxygen into the cylinders of the car. Depending on what kind of pollution there is from the environment (dust, pollen, soot), some of the particles can wear off the vehicle parts or clog the system. Usually, the air cleaner can stop 80% to 90% of particles, and sometimes up to 95%. This means that a typical air cleaner can stop particles the size of a blood cell or even some bacteria.

How often should you change Ford’s cleaner assemblies?

It is recommended to change the filter in your Ford every 12 months or after 12,000 miles. If the place you live in is very dusty, these numbers drop. During an oil change, you can ask your mechanic to check your filter and determine if it needs changing.

How do you change the air cleaner in your Ford?

The assemblies are changed easily:

  • Open the hood of your car and then open the filter box by unclasping the clips that hold the top down.
  • Remove the old assemblies.
  • Put in the replacement assembly and make sure it fits well into the box.
  • Close the top and snap the clips.