Spade Terminals Help Your Wiring Stay Efficient and Effective.

Quality spade terminals are great choices for terminating wires near a screw. Whether you need a small female spade connector or a large male spade terminal, you will find tons of options in every size among the listings on eBay. Keep your wires properly terminated and up to code with the affordable spade terminals you can find here.

How many sizes are available?

eBay carries all the sizes of spade terminals. They range from half a square millimeter to six square millimeters in size. There are three major color-coded categories. Red is "22-16" on the American Wire Gauge scale, blue is "16-14" AWG, and yellow is "12-10" AWG. The lower numbers are larger wires, so red-coated spade connectors are the smallest, blues are in the middle, and yellow-coated pieces are the largest. You may want to check the exact gauge against a spade-terminal size chart if you are unsure of it since there are ranges within each color.

How many spade terminals come in a package?

Shopping for coated spade terminals on eBay is convenient because you can search for bulk spade terminals or lower quantities of these connectors. The flexibility allows you to buy huge boxes or just a couple of quality spade terminals. Many people have listings for as low as 20 connectors. More common are listings for around 100 pieces.

You can shop for a new or preowned male spade-connector set, male and female electrical spade connectors, or just female spade terminals. Bulk orders tend to be around 1,000 pieces. There are many good options in quantities between the two, like 240 or 500-piece orders. In large quantities, it may be beneficial to do your own shrink-wrapping, and you can find uninsulated spade connectors on eBay as well. While they are a little bit harder to keep track of, they can be shrink-wrapped at your convenience with the proper kit. This is a good option for those who prefer to have all their shrink-wrapping match.

What are the types of spade terminals?

There are three types of spade terminals:

  • Male: This is the blade side. These are encased in plastic usually and contain a blade that inserts into a female receptor. These connect to female spades, T-taps, and sometimes specialty plugs.
  • Female: These also come encased in plastic, but they contain a socket type of receptor. This is the most commonly used receptor in electrical wiring.
  • Fork: These types connect wires to components that are clamped down. The forked prongs allow you to attach or remove wires quickly.