Car Quick Disconnect Connectors

Quick-disconnect connectors are one of the many ways the electrical systems in your vehicle can be connected. When selecting this type of terminal, you'll find a wide range of options that are compatible with the different systems. Here are some questions that make come up during the selection process.

What is a quick-disconnect connector?

This type of terminal consists of a male and female connection that the wiring is connected to. A quick-disconnect terminal allows an electrical system to be disconnected from your car without cutting the wires. This style of terminal is used in electrical systems in the car, like lighting and audio.

What is AWG?

American Wire Gauge (AWG) is a standardized system used for measuring the diameter of a wire. The system ranges from size 0000 to 40, with the larger numbers denoting a smaller diameter. Some manufacturers may also list the gauge using the Brown and Sharpe wire-gauge system. A higher AWG number also indicates a higher level of electrical resistance.

What are some tips for selecting a quick-disconnect connector?
  • Choose a style: Select a size based on the cable or wires that the connector will be attached to. There are both bullet and push quick-disconnect options.
  • Select a gauge: Some terminals will be color-coded according to the gauge rating. Each of the connectors will also be insulated on the male and female ends.
  • Choose a brand: There are several manufacturer options available along with unbranded and generic options.
  • Choose a type: You can select from a matching set of male and female connectors or choose single options if you’re using an existing system.
What types of quick-disconnect connectors are available?

There are two main types of quick-disconnect connectors. Understanding the options can be helpful in making a selection.

  • Bullet connectors: This terminal style comes in two parts. The male end has a bullet shape, while the female end has a socket shape. The wiring is soldered to the terminals, and the two ends are snapped together to form a tight bond. When needed, the two wires can be disconnected.
  • Push connectors: This style comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from two ports to more than eight ports. Push terminals have a plastic covering that insulates the connection and locks the two ends in place. Push connectors are used when multiple wires are in place, and they feature both male and female versions, like the bullet connector.