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Camping Cots

Cots can be a very useful addition to traditional camping gear. Essentially portable beds, cots are easy to fold and transport. When combined with traditional camping sleeping gear, a cot offers both a comfortable and a clean place to sleep while camping.

How do you assemble a camping cot?
  • To set up camp, remove the cot from the bag, and unfold it until the folding side rails attached to the canvas bed are straight and lying in one direction.
  • The legs should fold down from the side rails that support the bed.
  • Unfold the cot, so it can stand by itself. The canvas bed should be quite tight, so you will need to stretch it before proceeding. To do so, sit on each side of the cot, or walk around the edges while firmly pressing down on the canvas bed.
  • Slide the support rails through the loops on either end of the canvas.
  • Line up the holes in the support rails with the holes in the plastic buffers of the frame of the bed. Be certain to connect all four corners to one another. Position your cot inside your camp tent, and place your sleeping bag on top to complete your camping bed.
  • To disassemble, fold your sleeping bag, and perform these steps backward, folding up the frame and canvas. Finish by packing all components into your carry bag.
What is a camping tent cot?

A tent cot is designed for one or two people to sleep in while camping. This type of camping cot features an attached tent that extends upward off the cot’s rails. The bottom canvas portion functions as a seat or a bed for sleeping while the upper portion functions as the tent. The entire apparatus can be stored in its own durable bag, and it takes just minutes to assemble.

What are the advantages of a cot over an air mattress?

An air mattress bed typically requires a pump to assemble properly whereas a camping cot does not require any extra accessories. An air mattress placed on the ground is also very susceptible to damage and holes while camping. If this occurs, you no longer have a comfortable bed for sleeping. A cot is both durable and easy to use, folding and unfolding easily. It also stores and packs well and provides an elevated and dry bed to sleep in.

Are cots large enough for two people?

Some are large enough to sleep two people while camping. Two brands that offer two-person folding camp cots are Kamp-Rite and Coleman. Coleman makes a version of this two-person folding cot with an air mattress that may be attached to the top. This keeps you elevated and dry and provides extra comfort while camping.

What companies manufacture camp cots?

Many outdoor companies manufacture these portable beds including Coleman, Kamp-Rite, Teton, and Therm-a-Rest. Coleman offers extensive options that vary in size, comfort, durability, and weight. Choosing a brand and its features will depend on where, when, and how you plan to camp.