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Camcorder Microphones

Whether you’re into vlogging, film-making, or documenting, choosing to use the correct microphone could help make your project a success. Not only does a microphone reduce background noise that your camera might pick up, but it can also enhance the audio that you want to be heard the most. A microphone could be just what you need to aid your camera and produce a video.

What are some factors to consider when choosing camera microphones?

When choosing a microphone for your camcorder, there are some things you might want to consider when choosing a mic to make to a video. The following tips may help you in your recording endeavors:

  • Length of cable: If you intend to speak in front of your camera, you’ll need to be sure that it’ll reach far enough to you to still properly frame the shot of the video. Be sure that your cable will be long enough to allow the necessary amount of range from your camera to capture audio.
  • Size of mic: Mics for camcorders come in different sizes. If you want a microphone that you can easily hide or use discreetly, then keep that in mind when choosing.
  • Type of mount: Depending on the type of mic, it could require additional pieces of equipment to mount for use. Be sure to choose a mic that will allow you to easily mount it to the subject, rig, or camera.
Why are camcorder microphones necessary?

There are three factors that contribute to the need of audio support in addition to the sound features on your camera. These are also things to consider when it’s time to purchase the item. Some of the benefits you can generally expect to get are described below:

  • Enhance sound quality: Camcorders are usually equipped with audio capabilities, but they aren’t the main focus of the device. Camcorders focus on the quality of the video more than any other aspect. Audio quality can sometimes fall short, and microphones can help to pick up the slack.
  • Eliminate background noise: Lots of ambient sounds can be picked up by your camcorder while recording. Sometimes, these sounds can disrupt or completely overtake the audio that you intended to record. Using a mic can reduce the background noise and help make sure that your subject is heard.
  • Increase convenience: Recording the same scenes over and over because of poor audio quality can take up lots of valuable time and eat away at the battery life of your camcorder. It can be even more tedious to do voice overs and sound editing afterwards. Using the proper equipment requires much less effort and makes your project a much more enjoyable experience.