Metalurgia y Manufactura

Manufacturing and Metalworking

Heavy Metals: Shop for Manufacturing and Metalworking Supplies

Whether you weld for a living or just like to break out the old MIG welding machine now and then for the occasional metalworking project, eBay has all the equipment you need. From welding goggles to tiny metal cutters, you can find all your manufacturing tools on eBay.

A Crash Course in Metalworking

Metalworkers create assemblies, parts and large-scale structures out of different types of metal. A metalworking project can be as small as making a clasp for a necklace or as large as constructing a major overpass or bridge. In general, most metalworking projects require specialized tools and expertise to form, cut and join metal.

Shop for Metalworking Tools

Metalworking helps us build faster computers, stronger buildings and more fuel-efficient cars. From fabrication to finishing, there is an array of tools to help you get the job done right. No matter what kind of alloy you are trying to chop, bend or connect, youll find a wide variety of metalworking tools on eBay. From metalworking cutting tools to milling machines to all different sized tool holders, eBay has everything you need, including a wide range of used manufacturing and metalworking equipment.

Welding Equipment

Shop for a variety of reliable welding equipment, including TIG welding machines and plasma cutters, from the most reliable brands, such as Miller and Esab. You will also find welding accessories and protective clothing including welding gloves, welding jackets and welding helmets.

All the Best Tools

Whether you work with tiny pieces of metal to create intricate jewelry as a hobby or you weld bridges and skyscrapers for a living, youll need the right metalworking tools. From transmission to micrometers, calipers to a trusty vise, browse new and used manufacturing and metalworking equipment for all your projects, big and small.

eBay carries all the top manufacturing and metalworking products and brands—from CNC routers to engine metalworking equipment to Lincoln welding machines—at the very best prices.