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Adorn Your Ears With a Pair of Chanel Pearl Fashion Earrings

Chanel has a long history of making beautiful jewelry, and its pearl earrings are some of its mainstays. Browse the collection of new and vintage Chanel pearl fashion earrings on eBay to find your next style statement.

What styles are available on eBay?

Chanel makes a wide variety of earring types. Some of these include:

  • Drop: Drop earrings have a linear look, and they dangle about an inch to an inch and a half below the earlobe.
  • Chandelier: This type of earring is narrow at the earlobe, but it gradually widens further down the length of the earring.
  • Stud: Chanel pearl stud earrings can be found in ornate designs, and many are large enough to cover the entire earlobe.
What motifs are common in the collection?

The Chanel symbol, which consists of two Cs that are overlapped back to back, are often used on Chanel earrings. Depending on the earring's design, the Chanel symbol might dangle from the pearl, or it might be incorporated as part of the stud. The symbol can also be placed on the pearls of the earrings, or it might simply be made of gold material. Sometimes, pearls or crystals are inlaid into the Cs. Other common motifs include flowers, stars, hearts, and feathers.

Types of backings that are used

There are a few types of backings that are used to make stylish Chanel pearl earrings, including:

  • Posts: This type of backing is designed for pierced ears. The back consists of a simple bar that slips through the piercing. Then, a small piece of metal with a hole in it is pushed onto the bar.
  • Clip-on: This type of earring back is suitable for those with or without pierced ears. Clip-ons are also used when the earring would be too heavy for a pierced ear to comfortably support.
  • Hook: Hook backings are often used on dangle earrings. The hook simply slips through the piercing. This style is an option for when you want to quickly slip a pair of earrings on because it doesn't require another backing to keep it in place.
What materials are used with Chanel pearl earrings?

Many affordable Chanel pearl earrings and other jewelry pieces use simulations of precious metals and stones. Faux pearls may be used, and metals usually have gold tones to them. Crystals are also often incorporated into the designs. Most of the pearls in the collection are white, but some can be found in olive green, pink, red, and other less common colors. Other metal options include silver or black.

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