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Stand Out from the Crowd with CHANEL Necklaces and Pendants

While Coco Chanel's ready-to-wear fashion designs were classic and understated, her jewelry was quite the opposite. The world-famous designer favored bold, eye-catching designs for necklaces and pendants. Chanel loved layering ropes of faux pearls and chains to create necklaces that stood out against her minimalist clothing.

What CHANEL necklaces and pendants are available?

There are many modern and vintage CHANEL pieces, as well as fine and costume jewelry. Their necklace styles include bibs, chokers, and pendant necklaces of varying lengths. Their necklaces feature charms, pendants, and lockets. They have even used tiny bottles of their perfume as pendants.

How do you clean and care for CHANEL necklaces?

To properly clean CHANEL pieces, rub gently at the surfaces with a soft brush and warm, soapy water. Once clean, rinse the piece carefully and dry it using a soft cloth. If it a pearl necklace or has emeralds, only water can be used, or else you risk damaging the gemstone.

Store diamond pieces separately from other pieces. because of their hardness, diamonds can scratch other stones and precious metals. Also, do not use chemical cleaners on pearls; they are very sensitive to them. Pearls should be kept away from cosmetics, sunscreens, and other products to keep them lustrous.

What materials are CHANEL fine jewelry pieces made with?

CHANEL fine jewelry pieces are created using many precious materials and a vast array of gemstones. 18K gold, which has a millesimal fineness of 750, is the finest alloy used and used in CHANEL fine pieces as is Platinum 950. As far as gemstones go, CHANEL regularly makes use of precious and semi-precious gemstones including diamond, pearl, and turquoise. They also feature rhinestones, coral, and crystal in some of their pieces.

How does CHANEL choose the diamonds they use?

Diamonds are found in a wide variety of colors from the "colorless", recognized on an internationally recognized scale, to diamonds with definite colors like black, blue, Champagne, green, pink, and yellow. The quality of the stone depends on the combination of the carat, clarity, color, and cut.

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