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Bumpers for Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius models have a well-known reputation for being reliable hybrid electric cars that are efficient and comfortable and that drive well and get great mpg. Your bumper is a vital element on your Prius hybrid model because it guards the car in both the front and back during collisions. Whether you are replacing a damaged or old bumper or are simply looking to upgrade, there are many options to choose from, ensuring that you will be able to find the right option for you and your Prius model.

What are Toyota Prius bumpers made of?

Bumpers for your Toyota Prius and other vehicles may be made up of an array of materials. These materials are durable as their goal is to protect the vehicle in impact during collisions. The inner section of the bumper that is part of the Prius frame is generally made of heavy-duty steel. The outer part, or the cover, can be made of a variety of materials, including fiberglass, different plastics, aluminum, chrome, or other metals. Many products may integrate foam or rubber strips behind the cover to better absorb impacts and provide better protection for your Prius model.

How do you install rear bumper covers on a Prius?

Removing the old rear bumper and installing a new one on your Toyota Prius is a fairly simple job. Keep in mind that the process may vary depending on the model and year of your hybrid Toyota vehicle and the rear bumper replacement.

  1. Using a wrench or pry tool, loosen the bolts that can be seen on the inner rear section of the wheel well and under the Toyota vehicle where the cover is attached to the frame on each side. Open up the tailgate and remove the bolts that can be seen where the tailgate sits. When loosening these bolts, be sure that the bumper on your Toyota is secure so that it does not fall out of place.
  2. The rear bumper should be secure in its place, so you will need to pull the cover outwards on either side just below the rear fenders until it pops out of place.
  3. Pull outward on the old cover, using caution around the taillights. Place the old item aside.
  4. Slide the new rear bumper into place and secure it using all of the bolts you have just removed to release the old cover. Make sure it is completely secure in all sections before driving the vehicle.
What is a bumper sill plate on a Toyota Prius?

Sill plates are commonly installed on the bumper cover of the Toyota Prius hybrid to help protect it from dings and scratches as you take things out and put things in the tailgate of your Prius. Sill plates typically sit on the upper ledge of the rear bumper under the tailgate and are generally made of rubber or plastic. These accessories are often attached using a specialized adhesive or small screws.