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Toyota Matrix Bumpers

As hard as you try to drive your Toyota Matrix safely, an accident can happen to anyone. In a minor crash, the bumper may be able to absorb the shock to prevent serious damage to the body of your Toyota Matrix. If its front or rear bumper becomes impacted, you can replace the whole unit or one of the components.

What is the purpose of Toyota Matrix bumpers?

A Toyota front and rear bumper help protect the body of your vehicle from serious effects during minor collisions. The bumper can absorb the shock of the crash so that it is impacted rather than the entire vehicle. Bumpers also play an integral role in the design of a Toyota Matrix, and they should blend smoothly into the car’s appearance.

What parts of a Toyota Matrix bumper can be replaced?

A Toyota front or rear bumper is comprised of multiple pieces. You may need to replace one of the components or multiple accessories for your Matrix.

  • Bumper cover: This is the part of the Toyota front or rear bumper that you see. It may be made from steel or plastic, and it typically matches the car bodys paint color. It also may have a small spoiler attached to it.
  • Bumper reinforcement: This part, which fits inside the front or rear bumper cover of a Toyota Matrix, absorbs the shock of an impact to your Matrix. Also called a bumper bar or a reinforcement bar, it may be made from urethane, fiberglass, steel, or ester resins.
  • Spoiler: Rather than purchasing a unit that has a spoiler attached to it, you can also purchase stand-alone spoilers to install on your Toyota bumpers.
  • Brackets: These steel supports hold the other Toyota front and rear bumper components in place.
  • Inserts: Toyota bumpers are home to various lights and vents. The covers and bezels for these Matrix accessories are replaceable.
  • Seals and gaskets: These finishing touches, which help Toyota front and rear bumpers fit properly, are often made of foam, rubber, or plastic.
How can you get a bumper to match your Toyota?

A bumper may arrive colored, or you may have it painted to match your vehicle after purchase.

  • Painted: If you purchase a painted front or rear bumper, order one that is the same paint shade as your car or truck. There can be slight color variations among Toyota models, so be sure to purchase one that specifies color compatibility with your year and model of Toyota Matrix.
  • Unpainted: A front or rear bumper may be treated with primer but not painted so that it will be ready for you to paint it the correct color that will match the Toyota Matrix you drive.