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Bumpers for Scion xB

If youve found yourself in a minor fender bender with your Toyota Scion xB, you may need to get a new bumper. Bumpers for the Scion xB are available that match the color and finish of your vehicle. You may also find trim pieces and bumper protectors that are a part of the overall rear end structure, helping keep your Scion xB vehicle looking sharp.

What types of bumpers are available for the Scion xB?

You can find Scion bumpers for the front and rear portions of the car. Some bumpers may also include trim pieces such as bumper protectors that sit on the top of the rear bumper under the trunk opening. Theyre typically textured and designed to prevent scratches on this area of the vehicle while youre loading luggage or groceries into the trunk.

Do these bumpers come with connecting clips?

Most bumpers for Scion xB will come with extra parts that you need for connecting the bumper to the rest of the xB. These can be supplied to the body repair shop if you need someone else to affix the bumper, or if youre replacing the bumper yourself, youll have everything that you need.

What are Scion xB bumpers made out of?

Scion xB bumpers are made out of impact-resistant plastic, and theyre typically pre-painted to match the color of your Scion for a seamless install. Many are also sanded and primed as well, so no preparation is required before installing.

What are some features of a xB bumper protector?

The bumper protectors are positioned on the top of the bumper in the area between the trunk opening and the bumper itself. Theyre typically made of durable, UV-resistant material that doesnt fade over time and keeps the car looking as new as it did the day you brought it home. The bumper protectors help maintain a new car appearance and prevent scratches or gouges from forming on the top bumper surface. They also offer a nonskid, slip-resistant surface.

Are these car bumpers one-size-fits-all?

Not necessarily. Bumper styles and sizes may be different depending on the xBs year of manufacture. Early generations of this vehicle had a boxier appearance, and models that came after it were a bit larger and rounder. Therefore, a 2011 xB bumper may not fit a 2015 car. Its always important to check the specific bumper to make sure it will fit the car you own.