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Bumpers for Land Rover Discovery

Bumpers are one of the safety systems installed on vehicles. Many types and styles of bumpers are available for your Land Rover Discovery. Here are some questions that may come up when making a selection.

How do bumpers work?

Bumpers are attached to the front and rear of a vehicle. They are designed to absorb some of the impact in a minor collision. Some bumpers are integrated into the vehicle while others are attached externally to the frame. The materials and design of the bumper will affect a bumpers use on an SUV.

What types of bumpers are available?

Bumper options can vary in function and appearance. Here are some of the common bumper types:

  • Tubular bumpers. This style is made of two or more tubes of steel in a configuration. These tubes are hollow to make the bumper lightweight.
  • Grille bumpers. This type is designed to have bars or metal mesh cover the front grille of the SUV in addition to the usual areas. Some grille styles also fit around the headlights and fenders.
  • Winch bumpers. This style integrates a winch, used for hauling or pulling, into the design. Winch bumpers are available in different widths, and the design can vary by brand.
  • Heavy-duty bumpers. These are made of heavy-gauge steel and extend around the front and rear of the SUV to where the fenders meet. Some styles have mounting points for lighting and winches.
What are some features on a bumper?
  • D-rings: Some designs have D-rings integrated into the frame. D-rings allow hooks and ropes to be attached to the frame for recovery use.
  • Fog lights: Some models have recessed mounting points for flood lights to be added to the frame. These will have holes drilled out to accommodate either halogen or LED flood lights, along with spots for wiring them into the electrical system.
  • Skid plate: This feature has a metal plate mounted onto the front bumper. It is designed to cover the front differential and the oil pan.
  • Winch: Some off-road designs have a winch integrated into the frame while others allow it to be added on. Winches are rated for pulling power and some have a built-in motor to reel in the cable.
How do you choose a bumper for Land Rover Discovery?
  • Select a material: Fiberglass or plastic designs are common on stock units. Off-road designs can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.
  • Select a width: Widths can range from grille size up to full-width designs that extend to meet the fenders.
  • Select an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) option or an aftermarket bumper from another company: Unbranded options are available as well.
  • Select a style: The style selected will determine what features the bumper will have.
  • Select a color: Depending on the design, you can select a color that matches or is similar to the color of your vehicle.
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