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Everything You Need to Know About Selecting a Brother Parallel Printer

Brother offers a selection of printers that connect to computers via a parallel interface. The printers offer color and black-and-white pages, a choice of resolutions, and a variety of features to meet your individual needs. You can print out physical copies of documents you use often, recipes or instructions for home projects, or assignments for school quickly and easily with these printers.

What's the difference between the types of printers?

There are several Brother Parallel IEEE 1284 printers available that can have the following options and features:

  • Maximum Resolution: Choose from 600 x 600 dpi, 1200 x 1200 dpi, 2400 x 600 dpi, and 6000 x 1200 dpi.
  • Output Type: Choose from black and white and color.
  • Printer Type: Choose from standard, all in one, label, workgroup, and more.
  • Product Line: Choose from DCP, HL, IntelliFax, and MFC.
  • Cable connections: All printers come with the IEEE 1284 printer cable. Some also have a USB port, some come with a printer adapter cable, some offer parallel ports, parallel cables, and so on.
What types of printers are available?
  • All in one: Handy devices that offer all of the best features for one affordable price. These offer lots of functionality combined with the ability to print striking color images.
  • Label: These units produce self-adhesive labels and name tags. They often include a built-in keyboard and display so they can be used as stand-alone units.
  • Standard: As the name implies, these units print on standard letter-size paper, which is 8.5 x 11 inches, as a default setting. Many can also process European specification A4 sheets that use slightly different dimensions.
  • Workgroup: These devices accept print jobs from various users on a single network. These units often have their own processor, memory, and hard drive for processing and storing fonts and common jobs.
What else can these units be used for?

Beyond printing copies of electronic documents and making copies of other such documents, these units can be used for many other useful purposes:

  • Fabric transfers: Shipping labels can be used to make attractive fabric transfers for a number of decorative uses.
  • Paper bags: Create customized lunch, gift, party, or even popcorn bags quickly and easily for any special occasion.
  • Paper photo canvases: The device can be used to create unique paper canvases on material like used dryer sheets, tissue paper, paint chips, and more.
  • Temporary tattoos: Temporary tattoo paper is easy to find and easy to use with your Brother printer to create temporary tattoos your kids will love.
  • Vellum sheets: Use your unit to make unique, three-dimensional prints on vellum for gorgeous displays.
  • Wood transfers: Some crafty projects involve using the printer to transfer lettering and designs onto wood to create lovely decorations.
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