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What to Know Before Buying Boston Acoustics Home Speakers

To enhance the sound of your TV, a Boston Acoustics soundbar with a subwoofer is a viable option. These thin, bar-shaped speakers are often paired with a subwoofer to reproduce bass sounds and give the audio system an overall higher frequency range. This bar and woofer combo can produce audio to rival that of a bulky surround sound speaker system.

What is the sound of Boston Acoustics speakers?

The soundbar and subwoofer will play Dolby Digital surround sound. The wattage of the speakers depends on the size of your TV; speakers range from 60 to 150 watts. The output is sufficient for a home theater. Pairing the bar and woofer with your Boston Acoustics TV can optimize your home audio with stereo sound.

How do you install a soundbar and subwoofer?

Follow these steps to install your speakers. Keep in mind that a wireless subwoofer may require an extra step at the end to link it to the bar.

  • Step 1: Connect your soundbar to your TV via an HDMI cable.
  • Step 2: Run an HDMI output cable from your bar to the TV.
  • Step 3: Place the bar centered with your TV. You can mount it on the wall slightly above or place it in your console slightly below.
  • Step 4: Connect power and AC to the bar.
  • Step 5: Place the woofer nearby and turn on the power.
Will a soundbar limit remote control use?

A common concern with soundbars is the speaker blocking the TV’s remote sensor. To retain the use of your remote controls, avoid placing the bar directly in front of the TV set. Mounting the bar on the wall keeps it out of the way. Similarly, you can place the soundbar on a lower shelf in your entertainment console. The subwoofer can be placed in an inconspicuous spot, so it should not block your remote sensor.

How do you balance sound between the soundbar and subwoofer?

Some soundbars adjust volume automatically via a microphone. If your bar does not do this, use the dial on the back of the subwoofer to adjust the volume levels. While you adjust the sound, use your new setup to play some audio that you know well and that has both high- and low-frequency sounds. This could be your favorite full range song with a good amount of both bass and treble. Adjust the subwoofer until the song sounds good to you from your typical listening position.

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