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Bosch Home Security Cameras

As home security system technology advances, video surveillance could become an integral part of making your home safe. Camera capabilities have come a long way. Bosch video camera systems, which can be the building blocks of your home protection system, can be integrated into preexisting systems.

What kinds of surveillance systems does Bosch offer customers?

Bosch offers a wide variety of surveillance solutions to choose from. Their line includes dome, panoramic, moving, fixed, and specialty camera systems.

  • Dome: Dome camcorders, which get their name from their shape, come in a wide variety of options. You can remotely control which direction the camcorder faces, and the dome shape makes it harder for an intruder to determine what can be viewed through the camera lens. In tamper-proof systems, the dome completely covers the camera, which can only be accessed by using the tool that comes with it.
  • Panoramic: Panoramic cameras capture 360 degrees of digital video. When one of these camcorders is installed in a corner, nothing in its vicinity escapes its line of sight.
  • Moving: A moving cam sits on an armature and rotates to sweep the area. Some of these systems have motion detection capability and can even follow an intruders movement.
  • Fixed: Fixed cams remain in place. Theyre used to monitor specific areas and objects.
  • Specialty: Bosch specialty camera systems are designed for durability. They are explosion proof, so they are used as a video solution in places where harmful fumes and substances are present.
  • Thermal: Thermal cameras capture heat images. These security cameras are use in situations where visibility is limited.
Do Bosch Video Systems connect to a network?

Bosch security systems can be integrated into your homes network infrastructure. This allows you to monitor your homes security systems from a web browser. You can program your camcorders to activate your devices to give you live video footage when they detect movement. From a web browser, you can direct your cameras to pan an area, set them up for alarm activated recording, and change your image storage settings.

Is there a mobile app for Bosch security systems?

Bosch has developed a video security mobile app that allows customers to access their cams from anywhere without using a web browser. With this app, you can see live high-definition footage of your property on your smartphone or tablet regardless of your location. You can also pan, zoom, tilt, and focus your surveillance solutions remotely.

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