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Bosch Dome Home Security Cameras

Bosch has been in business for over a century and currently produces a wide range of home security systems. If you would like to monitor your home while you are away and receive alerts when anything happens, one of their security cameras may suit your needs. Familiarizing yourself with some camera features and how to set them up may help you find the right security product.

What are some features of home security cameras?

The specific features you get with your camera will vary according to which model you prefer. However, many of these models can share some things that are common in the industry. During your search for a camera, you may find features such as:

  • Night vision: Some cameras may include night vision features that allow you to see landscapes and subjects in low-light or dark conditions.
  • Pan and tilt: Some models can tilt or pan to adjust their viewing angles. If you hook your security camera up to a wireless smart home system, it may be able to tilt and follow the subject automatically.
  • Varifocal lens: These lenses can automatically adjust the focal length of the camera as its magnification levels change.
  • Weatherproofing: A camera with weatherproofing qualities will usually include seals at various points around its housing. These seals may be able to offer some protection from water and dust.
What are camera color modes?

If you wish to keep an eye on your home in both daylight and night conditions, you may wish to purchase an HD camera that has alternate color modes. The color mode of a camera may help it to distinguish clearly between objects that it is recording. Some common color modes include:

  • Monochrome: This type of camera will film everything in black and white or varying shades of a single color.
  • HD Color: These security cameras will film everything in color and attempt to capture images in high-definition shades.
  • Variable: A variable security camera will switch between different color modes for added security. You can set it up to film in color during the day and black and white at night.
How do you maintain a home security camera?

The precise steps for maintaining an HD camera to monitor the security of your home can vary from model to model. However, you may be able to follow the steps below as a general guide:

  • Clean: Wipe the lenses frequently to ensure they are free of dust.
  • Check: If your security camera is outdoors, check its seals to make sure they are intact.
  • Clear: You may need to clear the camera's hard drive regularly to keep records and free up space for more recordings.
  • Backup: Consider backing up data you remove it from the hard drive and to save it for potential future needs.
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